Thursday, June 30, 2011

Blog Makeover

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It's time that the blog matches the rest of my vision.
{SIG} is getting {big}.
And when you get {big}, you need to look good.
The blog & the Etsy store both need a makeover.
I was lucky enough to have been
referred to Tracey from Little Bitty Blogs
and I love her.


I liked her designs from the get go.
Very fun & whimsical but still a wide variety of other styles.
Loved the characters she had on several of her blogs.
Loved her color combos.
Loved her use of font.

Um, I just LOVED everything I set my eyes on.
I have a feeling I will keep her on retainer after all is said & done.

Tracey has been so easy to work with.
She takes all my suggestions in & changes them immediately.
Sometimes she gives me a virtual eye wink
to let me know that it may not work.
And I appreciate that.

She is the master of her craft.

AND...might I add, she apparently
did some research of her own b/c so far,
she has NAILED so much of who I am
& what {SIG} stands for.


For example, you guys know my love of everything red & aqua.
Hmm...I never told her.
She figured it out.
That's all I got.
Can't give you more deets.

It would ruin the surprise.
Until then...check out the referral contest
going on today on the Facebook page.

Chuckin' da duces!



Melanie said...

Can't wait to see!!!

Surviving Triplets said...

Melanie, me either!


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