Wednesday, January 30, 2013

{SIG}nature Creations - Sewing Tips: Sewing Machine Essentials

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I know, you are probably thinking, "Where is Stacey's Stove today?"
She is out of town and wasn't able to prepare a recipe for today.
So I'm covering the Wednesday post.

Hope you don't mind my cheesiness.
I'm trying to get better in front the the video.
Trying is the key word.

BUT, at least this is helpful information so I hope you enjoy!

{SIG}nature Creations

Monday, January 28, 2013

Valentine's Day Table Runner Sew-Along ~ Part 1

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I have been wanting to do a table runner tutorial for a while.
Then someone suggested I do a sew-along.
So I married the 2 ideas in time for Valentine's Day.

Who doesn't love Valentine's decorations?
Especially something you can reuse year after year.
Or even gift to someone special in your life.

This is such a simple table runner.
Once you do this one, you will want one for every holiday!
You can even change it up every time.
And most importantly, any BEGINNER SEWER should be able to make it!

Check out the schedule for our sew-along.
And if you can't make it on those days, no worries!
Just get back to it when you can.

January 28th - Materials Shopping
I'm going to give you a full week to get your fabrics together.
February 4th - Cutting & Sewing Front Piece
We will cut all of our pieces & sew together the front.
February 7th - Sewing Back & Front, Pressing/Finishing
We will sew the back panel together, the front to the back & then finish!

Let's get this sew-along started!
Let's start with some explanation behind table runners.

Table runners are normally used as decorative table coverings.
Everyone has an opinion about how long they should hang over.
And the truth is, it is up to you.
The standard hang length on each side is 6".
{keep that in mind}
I personally like mine to hang a bit longer.

And don't think that your table runner is only
suppose to go on your dining room table!
I use mine on a table wall & then set pictures on top.
Or you can run it along a marble counter top that is used for serving.

Don't limit yourself to the home either!
Think about outside across a picnic table.
At your child's Valentine's Day party at school.
Even a sweet gift for a friend.

I'm curious how YOU would use it!

Now that we have that out of the way,
let's get to our materials list.

~ 3 or 5 fabrics for the top of your table runner.
I am going to use 3, if you want to follow along with me.
You won't need more than 1/2 a yard of each, especially the fabric used for the center piece.
You could also choose to use all fat quarters if you choose to use 5
different fabrics for each section of the table runner.
~ 1 yard of your backing fabric.
~ Rotary cutter, cutting mat, & acrylic ruler
{this is not necessary but makes life MUCH easier}
~ Thread & sewing machine
~ Ribbon or other fancy schmancy trim you may like.
{I am going to use the red pleated ribbon in the photo.}

I think that about covers the materials you need.
I'm going to give you until next Monday to get your goodies together,
just in case you are like me & either shop online or need the weekend
to get everything you need together.

If you have any questions,
please leave a comment & I will be sure to respond. me at signature dot creations at hotmail dot com.

I look forward to creating this with you!
Come on by the Facebook page & let me know if you are sewing-along with us!

{SIG}nature Creations

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Stacey's Stove ~ Chicken Club Ring

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Yesterday afternoon, Hubby and his friends were outside working
on their ice fishing shack and I needed to throw something quick together for lunch.
(Every year, the “he man woman haters club” treks up to Lake Winnipesaukee,
New Hampshire, for their annual ice fishing tournament.
They sleep in the “Shrek Shack”, drink beer, complain about women, and eat!
I’m not so convinced that they even really fish?)

Shawn and friends in front of the Shrek Shack

I was introduced to this recipe at a Pampered Chef party many years ago,
and it quickly became my go to recipe for lunches whenever company is over.
This recipe is so versatile.
You can add crumbled bacon, walnuts, grapes, whatever you'd like!
Swiss cheese can sometimes be overpowering,
so feel free to swap it out with the cheese of your choice - any will do!
Here's what you'll need...

Crescent Rolls, Swiss Cheese, Tomatoes, and Chicken Salad.

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
On a baking sheet (or baking stone),
arrange the crescent rolls in a circular shape,
overlapping each one.

This does not have to be in a circular shape. 
Go on, get crazy, get creative...
Valentine’s Day is coming up...make a heart shape!!

Using an ice cream scoop, scoop the chicken salad onto the wide end of each triangle.
Add any optional ingredients (bacon, walnuts, grapes, etc.)…

Next, slice the tomato…

Layer the tomatoes on top of the chicken salad…

Split the cheese slices in half and layer on top of the tomatoes…

Fold the points of the crescent rolls over the filing, tucking under the bottom…

Bake for 20-25 minutes until deep golden brown…

Serve immediately.
If you want to get fancy schmancy,
place the chicken club ring on a platter
and serve chips or fresh veggies with dip in the middle. 


Visit Stacey's Facebook Page for more great recipes!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

{SIG} Sewing Tips ~ Scissors

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It's about time we started doing this!
Andrea and I have so much fun making the videos.
But I have to be honest, it is weird to see me in the video.

I make some crazy faces!
Why didn't anyone tell me?
So silly...that is how I feel.

But, I know that many of you are beginner sewers.
And you like to have tips to help you along the way.
This is why we have started a video series on our YouTube Channel.

I am no Martha Stewart.
And being in front of the camera is awkward.
But the tips are good.

Check out our first video in the series all about scissors.
I think you will like it.
We giggled.
Hopefully you will too AND come out a little more knowledgeable about scissors!

{SIG}nature Creations

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Stacey's Stove ~ Savory Steak Marinade

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Savory Steak Marinade

Hubby and I are both meat & potatoes lovers.  If asked what our last meal would be, this is it.  During a typical week, it isn’t often that we are able to have dinner together as a family.  Shawn is a Firefighter, so his schedule rotates.  Typically, he has about 3-4 shifts a week where he isn’t home for dinner.  When his 1st day off falls on a Friday, it’s steak & steamers for dinner.  It is sort of an unspoken vow…no words exchanged…no “what’s for dinner honey?”…if it’s Friday, it’s steak & steamer night!  For those of you who are not from New England, steamers are soft shell clams that are steamed (we steam them in beer and old bay seasoning) and served with butter (or as us Rhode Islanders would call it – “bud-dah”).


Hubby was in charge of marinating the steaks and he did a great job,
however one can only eat the same marinade of soy sauce and garlic for so long.
Tired of the same ole, same ole, I researched and researched (and researched),
until the “savory steak marinade” was born.
It is so good (yes, it’s that good!) that my daughter will no longer
order steak from a restaurant because it is “blah” in her words.

Any cut of steak will do…we usually stick to porterhouse, rib-eye, or NY strip.

Here’s what you need for the marinade!

A mixing bowl, measuring cup, whisk, and measuring spoons…
(Okay, let’s be honest, sometimes I just throw all of the ingredients
into a Ziploc bag and voila, but that wouldn't be pretty now, would it?)

Add all of the dry ingredients…

Add the minced garlic…

Pour all of the wet ingredients into the bowl and mix well…

Place the steaks into a fancy marinade container
(ahem…Ziploc bag)
and pierce each steak 2-3 times with a knife…

Pour the marinade over the steaks, cover and refrigerate. 
Yes, I know…right now you are questioning this recipe…the voice in your head
(it’s okay, I have one too…okay more than one)
is saying “I’ve NEVER seen a green marinade for steak?”
Don’t listen to the voice…walk away from the voice. 

Steak with Cheese Tortelinni…

1/3 C Soy Sauce
½ C Olive Oil
1/3 C Lemon Juice
¼ C Worcestershire Sauce
¼ Tsp Hot Sauce
1 ½ TBSP Garlic Powder
1 Tsp Onion Powder
3 TBSP Dried Basil
1 ½ TBSP Dried Parsley
¼ Tsp Paprika
1 TBSP Minced Garlic

Mix all of the above ingredients and place marinade over steaks.
Marinate overnight.

Grill steaks to your liking.  Enjoy!!!

Stacey's Stove

Check Stacey & her wonderful recipes out on her Facebook Page.

Monday, January 14, 2013

5000 Fan Giveaway ~ WINNER

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Happy Monday Peeps!
We have a winner for our 5000 Fan Giveaway!
This is such a big prize for us to give away.

The winner will receive a Like {SIG} membership to our Dress of the Month Club.
And let me tell you, we have some fabulous fabrics picked out.
Our first dress is already in production and it is an eye catcher!

Here is a peek for those of you wondering...

If you are interested in joining the DotM, please contact us!
We will gladly send you both forms.
We are offering great incentives.
All dresses for this particular DotM are going to be
our very popular Audrey Peasant Dress.

DotM Payment in Full:

~ Like {SIG}
$30-35 per dress (depending on size)
~ Love {SIG}
$30- 35 per dress
FREE shipping
~ Obsessed with {SIG}
$30-35 per dress
FREE shipping
FREE {SIG} Sash Package

DotM Monthly Payment:
You must pay the 1st & last dress in order to activate your membership.

~ Like {SIG}
$30-35 per dress
~ Love {SIG}
$30-35 per dress
$2 shipping
~ Obsessed with {SIG}
$30-35 per dress
FREE shipping
$2 {SIG} Sash per month option

We also have some great add-ons!

{SIG} Sash Package:
~ $3 per sash per month
~ Sashes will coordinate with dress

Melbows Place Bow of the Month:
~ $4.50 per month
~ Exclusive 5.5" Boutique Bow

We are limiting this particular DotM Club to only 20 members.
We have 13 of the 20 slots filled.
If you are interested, act quickly!
Now...let's announce the winner, shall we?

Jennifer are our lucky gal!
By subscribing to our YouTube channel, you have won
this fabulous prize package worth over $100.


{SIG} is GROWING thanks to you!
Ground breaking on the new {SIG} Cottage will happen this weekend.
I can't wait to share the progress as we go.

Speaking of progress...check out the windows for the little cottage.
We found them at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.
{i am in love with that store, great prices}

And, there are big plans for the little cottage.
Sewing lessons.
Group sewing lessons
Group crafting session.

Andrea & I couldn't be more excited!
This is all thanks to you.
We couldn't do it without your support.


{SIG}nature Creations

Thursday, January 10, 2013

{SIG} 5000 Fan Giveaway

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It's time to give a great prize away in celebration of
hitting 5000 fans on Facebook AND our 2 year {SIG}-iversary!

The great prize up for grabs is a Like {SIG} Dress of the Month membership.
But that's not all folks!
You will also get a FREE coordinating sash and FREE shipping.

Does it get any better than that?
3 consecutive dresses, starting in March.
3 coordinating sashes.
FREE shipping (within in the USA only).

This is a value of over $100!
Check out some of the pretty dresses we have made!

Are you drooling yet?
I mean, this is a pretty awesome gift!
Get to entering and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

We cannot wait to read your questions for the video!
This is going to be fun!
We will announce the big winner next week, after the contest closes.

Until then, make sure you keep up with our antics on the Facebook page.
Have a very wonderful Thursday Peeps!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

We are BACK!

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We are back after a Christmas vacation hiatus!
There are so many neat things happening this year for {SIG}.
I can't wait to share it with you all.

First, Happy New Year!
2013 is shaping up to be an amazing year here at {SIG}.
The little business is growing quickly.

So much so, that we have once again outgrown our workshop.
So what does that mean?
It means we are going to BUILD a new cottage.

Yep, a real workshop.
One that will give my home back its dining room.
And more space to do more things!

Plans are already underway.
The area will be staked this weekend.
But the preliminary plan is to have it behind the garage.

The new cottage will be 16' x 16'.
This is a little of what we are planning on having in there...
Shelves for storing.
Sewing workbench.
Room to teach.
A product photography area.
A shipping table.
 A front porch.
French doors.
Plenty of windows for natural light.

We are so absolutely excited!
Having this space means that we will have room to grow.
Room to teach & host workshops.

We won't feel cramped.
I cannot wait!
And, best of all, I will be building it with my Daddy.

I will chronicle the building of the cottage.
I know you are going to be curious to see!
We hope that by March, it will be fully functional.

So there you have it.
The first post of 2013.

And I can't write a post without photos.
So for your viewing pleasure,
here are the family pics that the wonderful Candace took.

My sweet, little family.

My gorgeous blue-eyed boy, Ian.

The ever so sweet Gabi.

Always sweet & a bit of sassy, Sofi.

They ARE triplets in every sense of the word.
I love how they love each other.

The hubs & I.

Possibly my favorite photo from this shoot!

And you guessed it, Andrea & I made those beautiful outfits.
If you are wanting some of that gorgeous fabric to be made in
to something for you, be on the lookout on the Facebook Page.

The {SIG} family hopes you all had a wonderful holiday season!
Happy 2013 Peeps!

{SIG}nature Creations
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