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The {SIG} Team consists of a few stay-at-home mommies trying to help out our families.  We are lovingly referred to as The {A} Team because...well, we have {A} names, Astrid and Andrea. 

About Astrid:

Founder and CEO of {SIG}nature Creations by day...mom to triplets, wife to Todd by night AND day! Yes it's a full and crazy life, but I love every minute of it! Having always held artistic tendencies, be it crafting, painting, music, cooking and yes, sewing, I have always had the need and desire to create.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention...and that's exactly how all of this came about. Wanting to make diaper cakes as gifts, but on a triplet household budget, birthed the idea that is {SIG}. As the kids got a bit older, the desire to put them in cute clothes at an affordable price led to my return to sewing and from that point on...I was hooked!

Fabric is a love...true love. My mind is always going on new and better ideas for {SIG} fashions and how to make them work for every member of the family. Aside from mommyhood, I couldn't ask for a job more well-suited for me. Being able to do this AND stay home with my (not-so-little-anymore) babies is better than anything I could have hoped for!

When spare time does manage to show itself, you can find me jogging or doing Insanity workouts, going to rock concerts (love me some Motley Crue!), having a glass of my favorite wine or trying to recreate delicious dishes from my homeland of Argentina.

About Andrea:

Proudly carrying the title of "Vice President of Production" for {SIG}nature Creations...I am the second part of this amazing crew.

My first and most important job on this team is the nitty-gritty sewing. Being trained in the ways of Astrid, I make it a point to ensure that {SIG} quality is never compromised. Fortunately for me, I also get to work with Astrid in the design process and love trying out and tweaking patterns. Combining fabrics though...that is where the real fun is!

Aside from this fabulous part of my life, but most importantly, I am a SAHM to two children, ages 3 and 12 and wife to my dear husband. I enjoy listening to alternative music and folk rock and enjoy any day that involves taking the kids to the park and/or watching my husband skateboard.

Our Children...Our Inspiration:

Gabi, Ian, and Sofi
{order they are sitting on the couch}

Cecilia and Jude
{modeling our edgier SIG look}


We stand 100% behind our quality, craftsmanship, and customer service!  We are a 2 woman team that LOVE to create custom items as well as in stock items.  Being 2 mommies staying at home, it is our pleasure to make the best quality clothing out there for the price.  Our customers often compare us to brands such as Matilda Jane and Persnickity.  Everything is sewing IN OUR HOMES by either Andrea or Astrid.  We hope you enjoy our creations as much as we love to make them!

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