Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sewing "help"

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There are some things I must have to sew.
Staples in my sewing room.
The must haves that I can't live without.
The butter on my bread.
What turns my headlights on.

The first being...
White thread.
Love me some Coats & Clark white thread.

I use it in the bobbin casing virtually all.the.time.
Hardly ever take it out.
Unless I need black.
Otherwise, it is always white.


Glad you asked.
B/c the thread I use in the serger is all white.
So the bobbin thread is hidden in the serging thread.
You can't see it.

Only the pretty color on the outside.
Which I have plenty of.
Every color, virtually.
I probably need more.
But, that would take me writing down all my current
thread color numbers so I don't double them.
And I ain't got time for that.

The next must have?


Yep, you read right.
This makes the hem process go much more quickly,
especially the turned hems.

Not sure if that is the technical term
but those are the hems that you have to fold & then fold again.
The only time I do this is on pillowcase dresses
b/c otherwise I make hems the easier & more sturdy way.

What does starch do?
It makes the fabric pliable for the curved hems.
And then it sets them in those hems.
Just sayin'...

I have 2 faves...
Faultless Premium Starch
Magic Sizing Starch

I have more than just these 2,
I promise to share later.

Maybe after Andrea & Anne write something.
(hint, hint)

The {A} Team

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