Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tea Garden

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It started off like this...

A bundle of Dena Designs, Tea Garden,
from my favorite fabric supplier in the

Skye Reve Fabrics

And honestly, who woulda thunk that the prints were so darn pretty?
Cuz I surely didn't expect it.
But when I got it,
my mouth started salivating.

And the fabric started talking.
Yes, it talks.
I've been called the Fabric Whisperer.
The crazy fabric lady.

You choose.
Doesn't bother me.
I embrace the crazy in me!

This is why...

The bird was hidden in the picture.
I found it when I laid out the fabric.

Had to use it.
And what little I know about photography,
I applied to the design of this dress.

Rule of Thirds

I hope to learn more about photography,
b/c it seems I can apply it across my designs.
And so Miss Birdy was put off centered.
She is such a beauty.
I had to showcase her.

The rest of the fabric is gorgeous.
It is so vibrant & pretty.

I hope Jaime loves this as much as I loved working w/ the fabric.


PS - Crochet hat provided by Miss Beanies n More and bow provided by Melbows Place.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gonna do better...

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I promise.
It seems as though time just flies by.
My goal is to post at least twice a week.

I'm a woman of my word.
It is just so easy to sit back & relax when I have the chance,
rather than write.

And I'm still trying to get the nerve up to do a tutorial.
But I chicken out every time.
Not sure what the deal is.
I want it to be perfect.
Something that will keep everyone coming back for more.

But until I work up the nerve,
I'm gonna have to find other things to blog about.

Today, I want to share some of my favorite fabric.
Michael Miller Lil Jane in aqua (comes in red & fuchsia as well).

The top is named after my daughter, Sofi.
The ruffle pants are just that, w/ some extra special ruching.
And I'll have to admit,
Andrea did the sewing on this one.

There is something about red & aqua that make my mouth salivate.
They just go together like PB&J.

Jaime's triplet girls are going to look absolutely stunning!

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