Friday, May 27, 2011

Gotta Love the Fan LOVE!

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Check out some of these adorable photos
submitted by {SIG} customers.
It brings us ultimate joy
to see our creations on all the cuties out there!

The {A} Team

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Before & After

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I have to show you what it is like.
What we start with.
What we end up with.

Sometimes it is hard to visualize the end product,
especially for the customers.
BUT, I can tell you this.
If you LOVE the fabric,
you will LOVE what ever is made from it.

Really, that simple.
Don't hesitate when you have a chance.
Especially with the girls' items.

We have many fabric extras up our sleeves
to help us put finishing touches on anything we make.

Check out this beautiful vintage WWII fabric.

And look at the result...

The extra hair goodies are from Melbows Place
& Miss Beanies n More.

I also love this muted Red Riding Hood fabric from Lecien.
This is how it all started.

And this is what it turned in to...

We know it can sometimes be overwhelming
to look at our pattern selection & make a decision.
Andrea & I are always available to help
pick it out for you.

And, we are always partial when
someone gives us creative control.
That's when the fabric talks to us.

It is a great experience!
A fabric-gasm of sorts.

The {A} Team

Monday, May 16, 2011

SIGnature Creations is official!!!

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I am a small business owner.
For reals.
No playing anymore.
Now I gotta keep records.

You name it,
I get to do it.

It is amazing but overwhelming.
Very overwhelming.

I'm sure with time,
will come comfort in the record keeping.
But until then,
I am stressin' it!

BUT, what a wonderful stress.
Love it.
This means {SIG} is growing.
And that is always good!

As a matter of fact,
business has been going along so well
that we are currently not taking new orders.
It's amazing to me!

To all the {SIG} customers, followers, & fans...


Astrid & The {A} Team

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rule the World

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This is oh so very true.
Given to me by Andrea,
this couldn't say it any better.

Because, I could truly rule the world
with any fabric at my fingertips.

Fabric is beautiful.
It can be manipulated in so many ways.
That's just it.

Make a dress.
Cover an old chair cushion.
Make a messy fabric flower.
Throw a piece over a table.
Rip a strip off & tie a present.

The ideas are endless.

What are your ideas?
How would or do you use fabric?

Leave a comment!

Astrid & The {A} Team

Monday, May 2, 2011

Patriotic Cuteness

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I love all that is red, white, & blue.
Especially when littles get to wear them
to show support for our great county!

There is so much that can be done w/ any of this fabric.
Coordinating outfits are the bestest!
(personal choice, hehe)

Charlynn's cuties will be wearing this trio.
She is a fellow triplet mommy.
Wanted coordinating, not matching.
Pinafores for the girls which are perfect summer attire,
but can later be layered in the winter for longer use.

Her son will be styling in his diagonal stripe shorts.
(some of my all time fave fabric)
Paired w/ a simple applique star that I did fancy stitching around,
it is the perfect outfit to go w/ his sisters.

Blake, Ben, & Brooke will be wearing these adorable outfits
for a big photo shoot this weekend.
Hoping Kristi will send me some of the pics (wink, wink).
Shirts were designed by me but done by Miss Staci.
I love having a team to work with!

And if you like the beanie & bows,
remember to check out Miss Beanies n More
and Melbows Place.

Astrid & The {A} Team
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