Tuesday, June 28, 2011

{SIG} Patterns...at last!

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They are here.
I've been slaving like a mad woman
for the past 7 days.

Between the patriotic orders
and the pattern writing,
my brain not only hurts but it has shut down for the evening.

My eyes are crossed but the reviews are fantastic!

Introducing the Genevieve Pocket Skirt patterns...

Baby/Toddler Pattern from 12 months to 6.
Genevieve Pocket Skirt Toddler

Youth/Tween from size 6 to 16.
That is extended sizing.
Always bugs me when there isn't that full range of sizes.
Mark my words, every pattern I do will have the extended sizes,
so long as I can manage it.
Genevieve Pocket Skirt Tween

And for the mommies out there,
or even the ladies that don't have children,
the women's version!!!
Genevieve Pocket Skirt Adult

For the record,
within 10 minutes of listing the patterns,
2 were already purchased!

I'm so very, very excited about this venture in to pattern writing!
I hope you all will follow along.
And if you do purchase a pattern,


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