Friday, June 29, 2012

Fridge Magnet Cups to the Rescue

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Someone must have heard my desperate pleas.
My trio has been for the past couple
of months with all the water and milk requests.

We tried setting cups out for them but they would
get misplaced or taken around the house.
Not so go.

We tried filling up their milk cups and setting them
in the fridge for easy access but eventually those cups are emptied.

When you are dealing with 4 year olds trying to exert independence
but still needing Mommy what seems like every other second,
it can drive a parent crazy...TIMES THREE.

So here I was getting super frustrated with all the refreshment requests.
Up to *here*...totally done.
Not knowing what to do to relieve the constant requests.

And then I stumbled across THIS post by Dana.


Someone heard my desperate pleas!
Prayers were answered!

Cups with magnets.
It's that simple.
Just stick those babies on the fridge!

I was so stinkin' excited.
So much so, that the very next day, I made it an event with the kids.
We went to Hobby Lobby and got our magnets.
Then to Target where I let them pick out the cup they wanted.

{yep, bought extra magnets and glad I did...
Ian loves playing with them}

It's that ownership thing, right?
If they think it is theirs, they will use it.
Or so I hope!

The process was easy.
Just make sure you have a high temp hot glue gun.
And when you glue the magnets on the cup,
you may want to score where the magnet
will go or after the initial placement,
go back and put another round of
glue all the way around the magnet.
I think a combination of the 2 would be best
otherwise the glue will eventually come right off.

As suggested by Dana, I put 2 magnets per cup.

Isn't that the coolest thing ever?

The kids absolutely LOVE their magnet cups.
Dana & her friend, THANK YOU for saving my sanity.
This is such a great idea!

And my kids are doing wonderfully using them.
They drink their water and put their cups right back
on the fridge where they belong, I don't even have to ask!

Happy Friday Peeps!

{SIG}nature Creations

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Bachelorette Recap Week 7

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Oh, have you ever had one of those weeks?
You know the kind that NOTHING goes right?
Yep, it is one of those weeks for me.

One thing you will learn about me as you get to know me,
I am NOT a complainer.
I normally suck it up and keep on truckin'.

That's the way I was raised.
Nothing gets in my way.
Well...except for 3 4-year-olds constantly demanding
my attention and needing constant activities.

Geez, I could really write a whole different post about that.

There are always highlights to my week.
As you know, I am a Bachelorette junkie.
Reality tv junkie.
{totally looking forward to the new Big Brother starting on July 12th}

Bachelorette...Emily...ah, it is starting to really get interesting.
After all, she is now down to the Final Four.
The ones she is going to meet their families.

Should have been 3 in my opinion.
Let's get to it...

Emily took the boys to Prague this week.
What a gorgeous place!
I would like to visit for sure.

And I love that her dates aren't really all jazzed up.
She really likes to play the "tourist" role.

Emily's one on ones were John, Arie, and Jef.
Needless to say, the chemistry was flying between the latter two.

I was glad to see that Arie and Emily worked out the issue
and we get to see another week of him, meeting his family as well.

Then there is the sweet Jef.
Could he not be any cuter?
Seriously...even a little sexy.
And the whole marionette scene was my favorite of the night.

He may very well have slid in to first place in my heart!

Then we have John.
Can you say, "No sparks"?
Because that is what it is...there are no sparks flying between him and Emily.

Thankfully Emily axed him at the rose ceremony.

That leaves the group date.
Chris, Sean, and Doug.
And what a date that turned out to be.
Ended up being one of those 2 on 1's that Emily loves so much.

Oh sweet Doug.
Mr. Good Guy.
Mr. Old Fashion Values.
Mr. I-didn't-kiss-her-until-it-was-much-too-late.

And so you were told goodbye before the end of the date was over.
So sad...really.
I feel for him.
He really is just one of those genuine nice guys.
that finishes last, oops

Then we have Mr. Problem Child.
What in the world is Chris' problem?
And doesn't this face say it all?

Let's see.
You signed up for a show where you would share the girl.
What part of that don't you get?
That means less time with her.
That means you need to pull an Arie or a Sean and go look for her.

This does not mean whine and be icky to other people.
And honestly, I don't think you should have gotten a hometown date.
I think Miss Emily should have stuck with the 3 big guns.

Which leads me to my prediction.
I think Chris is next.
Do you?

Guess we will have to wait until next Monday.
{or in my case, Tuesday, since I rarely get to watch anything prime time}

Happy Wednesday Peeps!

PS ~ Who watched Craft Wars?
Did you like it?

PPS ~ My computer has decided to be temperamental.
If you don't hear from me, you know why.

{SIG}nature Creations

Monday, June 25, 2012

DIY Fabric Covered Headband with Bow/Flower Attachment

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Here is another great tutorial for scrap fabric.
It really doesn't take much at all.
And with the added piece of ribbon,
you can attach a floral clip or bow very easily.

My Sofi hasn't taken it off since I made it for her!

~ Headband (1/2"-1" wide) - You can find them in your local craft store.
OR...if you know you are going to make more than one,
be cost effective and purchase from HERE or HERE.
~ Fabric scrap at least 16" in length and 2" wide
~ 3/8" grosgrain ribbon
~ Hot glue gun

You will cut your scrap fabric to be about 1/4" longer
than your headband which makes to about 16".
Make sure that it is long enough though before you cut!
And I like to use pinking shears.

 Place glue on the inside of the headband
and lay fabric on there with it hanging over
the edge about 1/4".
We are only going to do about 2-3" sections at a time
until you get to the other end.

Don't worry if you fabric isn't flush.
We will pull it taut when we glue the other side down.

Fold up the end of the fabric piece and glue down.
Then fold over the fabric so that it looks like the photo.
Continue to place glue on the under side of 
the headband and fold over the fabric.
This is where you will pull it taut
which will take out the wrinkle!

The underside will look a little messy.
That is what the ribbon is for.
I like to take a piece of grosgrain ribbon
since it is a sturdy ribbon and using a lighter,
I burn the edge to seal it.
Put a dab of hot glue at the end
and place your grosgrain ribbon on.
Continue to put glue down the center
and your grosgrain on top of the glue.
This will hide your "seam".

Now, we are going to place a piece of ribbon
on the side of the headband as it begins to
curve because this is where you will be
able to slip in an alligator clip bow or flower.
Place glue on the underside ONLY.

This is what it should look like with both pieces folded under.

And here is your "loop" on top.
Still looks cute but even cuter when you attach something to it!

I used one of our {SIG} blooms to attach.
And it turned out so cute!
My Sofi loves it to pieces!

She wants to keep it.
I want to give it away.
Both pieces...the headband and the bloom.
I guess we will see who wins later.

And don't forget, we LOVE to see what you make!
Come post a photo on our Facebook Fan Page.
I think this would be great in patriotic fabric
along with a pair of scrappy flip flops, don't you?
{check out our tutorial for the flip flips HERE}

Happy Monday Peeps!

{SIG}nature Creations

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Scrappy Flip Flops ~ WINNER

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Well...maybe not so much.
We have a tropical storm brewing in the Gulf.
Miss Debby hasn't decided exactly where she is going.

This has all of the Gulf Coast sitting on the edge of their seat.
Honestly, we wouldn't mind a TS.
Houston needs the rain.

So, while we wait to see where Debby goes
and whether she will turn in to a hurricane,
I will continue to sew and work on tutorials.

But for today, I want to share the winner!

We had 14 comments!
And chose #10!

Miss Lisa, please contact me at...
signature (dot) creations (at) hotmail (dot) com
to claim your cute flip flops!

Thank you all again!
And be on the lookout for the next amazing giveaway,
a combo deal from Skye Reve Fabrics and {SIG}.

{SIG}nature Creations

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Scrappy Flip Flop GIVEAWAY

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Seems like I have goodies to give away after every tutorial.
Not a bad thing.
Cuz I can't keep it all.

Mr. SIG wouldn't be happy.
I already have cluttered up the "dining room".
eh hem...took it over and it is now my office
So I gotta keep moving this stuff out!

If you didn't catch the tutorial on how
to make your own scrappy flip flops,
make sure to check it out HERE.

And if you aren't a DIY'er,
then here is your chance to win these pretties!

Love the color combo on these.
Glad that Skye Reve sent us this fabric and sponsored our tutorial!
Here are the deets to these size MEDIUM
(they fit up to a 8-9 cuz I'm about an 8.5).

You will have through Saturday, June 23rd at midnight, to enter.
Please leave only 1 comment for the following...

1)  LIKE {SIG} on Facebook and leave us some love on the wall.
2) Make sure you are following the BLOG.  The more traffic
we get, the more goodies we can give away!
3) Subscribe to our newsletter (which reminds me...gotta write one).

You have to complete all 3 for your one entry!
And for a bonus entry...yep, an extra one...

** Leave some {SIG} love on Skye Reve Fabric's Facebook page,
leave a comment saying that you did!!!**

That is 2 entries.
And you win some great scrappy flip flops.
For the beach.
Around the house.
To go to the pool.

What ever floats your boat!
Chuckin' duces peeps!!!

{SIG}nature Creations

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

DIY Scrappy Flip Flops

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Scraps of fabric drive me nuts.
They really do.
There just isn't much you can do,
or maybe there.

Today's tutorial is similar to the Scrappy Heart Wreath
tutorial I posted back in January.
You are just going to use a different "base".

It doesn't take long to make a pair.
I made 3 in a matter of about an hour.
This is great for gift giving or for yourself.
You could even do this as a craft at
a birthday party or with your kids.

There isn't a whole lot you will need.
And it won't cost you much,
especially if you use a coupon to Hobby Lobby.
{i get mine on the phone and show it to the cashier
but you can also print it out HERE}

The flip flops cost me all of $0.98.
The scraps I used...FREE.
Can't beat a cute pair of flip flops
for less than a dollar and sure to be one of a kind!

~ 1 pair of flip flops (I recommend Hobby Lobby
but you can always go to Old Navy or Target)
~ About 1/3 yd of fabric (if you are doing 1 fabric choice)
~ Scissors or pinking shears
~ Your hands :)

Cut your fabric in to 1" strips.
You can either cut it with straight scissors or pinking shears.
I used the pinking shears to give it dimension.
Then cut the 1" strip in to about 7"-8" pieces.
To give you an idea of how many I used for the girls'
flip flops, I tied about 20 pieces on each shoe, 40 total.

Starting in the center, tie your first strip of fabric on.
Make sure you pull tight!

Tie in to a knot.
Again, make sure it is tight.
This should be good enough to keep
the fabric on there for good!

Continue to add pieces on.
Make sure they are close together.
You can alternate fabrics or use the same one
over and over again, depends on you!

Sofi picked out her fabric and these are her finished flip flops.

Now that is a HAPPY girl!
She hasn't taken them off yet.
{don't mind the band aide on her forehead}

And I couldn't stop at one pair.
I had to make some for Miss Gabi too.
She picked out the green flip flops
and wanted pink fabric but I had to throw
in another choice just to make it go better.
Eh, she loves them just the same.

The pair below...those are going to be given away tomorrow.
Size medium!
I love the light blue and the green together.
Want to keep them for myself but I want to share the love.

There are a million things you can put in the center
of these flip flops like a fabric bloom or bow.
Maybe I'll have to show you some embellishments
later this week or next week.

A big THANK YOU to Skye Reve Fabrics 
for sponsoring the tutorial today.
All the lovely fabrics shown were provided by Natasha.

She is a great gal and great to work with.
If you are looking for fabric, check her out!

And please, stop by our Facebook Fan Page.
Show us what you made from this tutorial!

Don't forget, come back tomorrow to win a pair!
Happy Wednesday Peeps!

{SIG}nature Creations

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Bachelorette Recap

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Ah, I am very proud today.
After watching The Bachelorette,
I am happy to say I am proud of Emily thus far.

My favorite guys are still in the running.
BUT, I know that Arie's time is running out.
Thanks to the previews for next week.

GEEZ...could he have said SOMETHING?!?
Let me just get off that soap box cuz honestly,
I'll hunt him down for myself.
please don't tell my hubs...oops...reality tv crushes

Ok, forget who she kept.
Let's talk about who Emily sent packing.

Sorry, the cockiness just wasn't attractive, period.
And what is up with that wife beater?
A little too trendy for my taste.

Was I the only one that couldn't believe he was still trying
to talk her out of his decision?
OHHHH...and what about his taxi ride?
Don't make him look arrogant?
Seriously dude, you did that on your own.

Let's not forget Travis.

What a sweetie!
I mean, for real...why did it take so long for him to get some screen time?
Totally fell for him.
Wish he were still here.
Mwah...Travis, you will be missed.

And for the boys that are still here.

Sean, Jef, Arie, Doug, John and Chris.

Wishing for Arie to be around.
Loving that Jef is finally getting a bit agressive.
Thinking Sean busted that log when he threw it and that is sexy.
Hoping Doug grows a bit of a bad streak cuz he's hot.
Feeling wishy-washy about Chris.
Admiring John for sharing that he carries his
grandparents obituary in his wallet.

So who is next?
I honestly want to freeze time.
I don't want the one person I love to leave.

Wait, who is the Bachelorette here?
Me or Emily?
Guess I need to leave the final decision to her. it Monday yet?
{SIG}nature Creations

Monday, June 18, 2012

Chalkboard Placemat ~ WINNER

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I love to give things away.
And these chalkboard placemats are so cute.
My kids LOVE theirs and have been playing with them
constantly since I have made them.

Let's get down to business.
Who is our lucky winner?

 Going for in the middle of the pack!
Lucky #6 it is!

Miss Cathi, please contact me at
to claim your pretty placemats!

{SIG}nature Creations

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Chalkboard Placemat GIVEAWAY

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I didn't have enough to make more full size placemants.
But these are still plenty big.
11" x 15" big.

I'd say little hands would still have room to do just about anything.
And rather than giving 1 away, I am giving a pair away.
Super cute!

Not much you need to do to win this.
You will have through June 17th at midnight (tomorrow...Sunday) to enter.
You only get one make sure you get it all in the comment
otherwise you won't qualify to win this pair of chalkboard placemats!

*Follow the blog and LIKE our FACEBOOK page cuz
I'll check to make sure you are LEGIT...AND...give me a blog topic.
Anything goes, well...almost anything!

{see how much fun they are having}

Have fun!
I'll announce the winner on Monday!
Have a wonderful Saturday my peeps!

{SIG}nature Creations

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