Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fixin' up an ol' tank top!

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It's called repurposing.
Is that even a word?
Either way, it isn't too hard to do.

Allison brought over this tank top that she adores.
But the beading had come loose.
She asked if I could rebead it & I laughed.
Um, no.
Not a chance.
Instead, I ripped the beading off and had a clean slate to work with.

But that got me to thinking.
This tank is a really pretty shade of red, almost coral red.
I had to find something that would go with it.
At first, the thought was a {SIG} bloom made in to a brooch.

Then I saw my girls' headbands from photos we did in October.
That was the AH HA moment.

I stripped the rosettes I made from fabric,
put them on a stiff piece of felt w/ hot glue.

Then I trimmed around the rosettes.

Finally, I attached 2 pins on since it is a larger brooch
and I wanted it to sit pretty.

At last, it was time to attach the new brooch
to the tank top.
Perfect fit!

I am happy to report that Allison LOVES it.
And I can see why this is her fave tank.
I love it too!



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