Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Ramblings...

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And here we are, another beginning of the week.
Time to share some randomness.
I love the outdoors.
Unfortunately it is super hot
(like over 100 friggin' degrees)
and we don't spend much time outside.

But there are times I do go out.

This is my beloved sprinkler.
We have quite the relationship.
I spend a lot of time moving her around the front & back yards.
Cuz we don't have a small one.
And it hasn't rained in a bazillion years.
Which for Houston isn't good.
The grass is thankful for the sprinkler.
Honestly, I just wish it would rain.

This is our garden.
Yep, we have a little garden.
This fall we are expanding.
I want to grow green beans & snow peas.
And lettuce.
TX is the perfect place to grow these goodies during the winter.

My hubs & I refer to this as the love deck.
We got married on it.
Seriously. No lie.
The canopy was acquired from my neighbors.
They were going to throw it out.
How does the saying go...
One man's trash is another man's treasure?

We also love to sit under the canopy.
Even in the dead heat of the summer.
Just in the evenings.
Late evenings.

And that is it for now.
Next time, I think I'm going to concentrate on something indoors.
It was hot outside when I took those pics.


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