Friday, September 28, 2012

Project Charlie Single Auction Piece ~ Stones in Blue

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I absolutely fell in love with this fabric.
{Rocky Shore by Lotta Jansdotter if you want to purchase it}
I decided to create a new design element, an embellishment.
The detachable bow adds a 70's vintage flare to the piece.

The best part?
The bow is pinned on which means you can take it off!
And I have this one RTS in a size 4T.
But I will tell you this, my daughter is a size 6 and fit comfortably.
I even like the shorter length on her!

Today only, I am auctioning this piece.
Starting bid is $30.
Anything over will go to Project Charlie.
{read more about Project Charlie HERE}

Want a chance to win this piece?
Come on over to our Facebook page and put in your bid!
HERE is the photo, just comment below.

The colors are beautiful.
The style is timeless.
You know you want this for your little girl
Or give it as a present and help a good cause!

Happy Friday Peeps!

{SIG}nature Creations

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Aviary Sparrow in Plum ~ Tunic Dress

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Ah, the Aviary Sparrow in Bark went somewhat "viral".
The Sparrow in Plum is just as gorgeous.
{gotta love PicMonkey for fabulous & easy collages}

Don't mind the sassy girl wearing the dress.
But I gotta say that she has that "look" down pat!

This particular order is for Lauren's girls.
And these will be worn for photos with the FABULOUS Candace.
{if you haven't, go check out Eye Candy by Candace, you MUST}

Honestly, I can't wait to see the results.

Below is a new {SIG} tweak to an old pattern.
We added the sash rather than ribbon ties.
And instead of the typical bow, we knotted it instead.

I love how the fabric hangs down!

I love the shot below.
I love the fence.
The green on the fence (mold or what ever it is).
The rotting of the fence.

Told the hubs he can't ever take the fence down.
{i'm sure the termites will do the job gladly}

No matter all the nonsense I talking, this fabric is amazing.
Joel Dewberry really outdid himself with this collection and the palettes of color.
As a matter of fact, I am drooling over the Herloom Collection, in Citrine.

Anywho, we are currently taking orders for this awesome fabric.
Through October 1st to be exact!
If you would like to order, make sure to click on the photo below and follow instructions.

That's all I have for tonight.
My son has a raging ear infection and has first class accommodations
in bed next to his momma and he is insisting that we go lay down.
Must be tough being a 4.5 year old boy.

Good night peeps!
Hope to see you tomorrow, I have another pretty outfit to share!
{SIG}nature Creations

Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall Infinity Scarves

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Aren't they purrrrrdy!?!
{yes, I am from the South...well, technically Argentina but been here long enough}
They sold out pretty darn quickly too.
Except for my pretty peachy pumpkin scarf (bottom right).

And they are super easy to make.
I could even tell you how without photos but what fun would that be?
{are you gonna come back for the tutorial, lol}

These were some pretty fall striped fabric that I held until just the right time.
The weather is cooling down who am i kidding, it is still summer in Houston.
Scarves are all the rage, especially these infinity scarves.

They can be worn in so many ways.
That reminds me, I'll get Andrea to take pics of me wearing them in all the ways.
This way, you can see first hand how versatile these are.

Once you make one, you will make another 10.
It will be perfect for Christmas gift giving.
Just think about all those teachers!
{cuz you can get 2 scarves outta 1 yard}

So, I am thinking either the infinity scarf tutorial or the bling-your-Converse tutorial.
What do you want to do/see next?

I'm game either way!
So long as my kids don't get even more sick,
I should be able to get through at least one tutorial by the weekend,
ready to post for all to see on Monday.

Sound good?
Night peeps...gotta take care of a sick little boy.

{SIG}nature Creations

Friday, September 21, 2012

Project Charlie

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First, please forgive me for the absence.
I am still adjusting to working outside the home twice a week
and keeping up with a growing business.

BUT, you won't hear me complain!
I like to be busy.

Project Charlie

You are probably wondering what Project Charlie is all about.
Let me tell you.

My running buddy, Diana, who is also one of my besties,
is an incredible woman that has taken to helping save animals.
She fosters bully breeds (pit bulls and pit mixes) and works
closely with the BARC Animal Shelter here in Houston.

We all know shelters are always full, always in need.
This is where Project Charlie comes in.

We want to make the cages a bit more comfortable for the animals,
in particular, the kitties as they do not like to sleep on metal.
That is where we come in.

We would like to make fleece knot blankies for all the kitties.
In order to do that, we need HELP!
The blankets will be about 2.5' x 2' which will
allow us to make 3 blankets per 2 yards of fleece fabric.

Our goal is to make at least 100 blankets by December 1st.
But not only that, we want to give the staff something as well.
You know they are over-worked and under-paid.

What better way to say thank you to them other than putting together
a wonderful care package for each one which will include but not be
limited to a $5 gift certificate (to anywhere but preferably to Starbucks,
fast food restaurants, Target, Walmart, etc), soda, and snacks.

In order to make Project Charlie a success, we need your help!
We are accepting donations to purchase all the items above.
Whether it be in the form of cash, check, or items such as
fleece, sodas, snacks, or gift cards...we would really appreciate it!

If you are in Houston and don't have the funds to send something in,
it's ok because we need man power to make the blankets.
Knot blankies are so easy to make and we will gladly give you
the supplies you need in order to make it, just let us know!

We hope to make Project Charlie a yearly event.
This is our way of reaching out to help BARC.

The question is, will you take the challenge and help us?
For more information, please email us at
signature (dot) creations (at) hotmail (dot) com
and help us make this a success!!!

You can also donate by sending money via PayPal to
the same email address as above.
Just make sure to send it PERSONAL and GIFT
so Paypal doesn't take any fees from your donation.
Also, put PROJECT CHARLIE as the subject!

We appreciate you, your help, and you spreading the word!

Happy Friday peeps!

{SIG}nature Creations

Sunday, September 16, 2012

3000 Fan Giveaway WINNERS

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What an amazing week!
I have most definitely felt the love.
Andrea and I couldn't be happier how this turned out.

Each of you took time from your day to join the fun
and here are the lucky winners for our giveaways!

Simply B Photos ~ A Day with Amy Photography Workshop
Penny B.

Melbows Place ~ Tutu Bowquet of Hair Pretties
Cathi L.

Little Bitty Design Studio ~ Party Package
Jessica M.

Sheelin's Closet | Attic ~ Lace Socks
Erin W.

Lily Lou Designs ~ Quilted Tote
Krista M.

Eye Candy by Candace ~ Mini Session
Christina L.

Bee Jaded Jewelry ~ Hand-stamped Necklace
Julie H.

J. Marie Designs ~ Holiday Outfit
Erika D.

Stinkin Cute Dollhouse ~ Halloween Chunky Necklace
BONUS prize ~ {SIG} matching skirt
Desiree R.

KSMonkey Boutique ~ $25 Gift Certificate
Linda K.

I apologize for the delay.
My trio decided that today would be the day that they would
act up enough to make me want to go for a jog across the USA!
And, I did double check to make sure that all winners completed the tasks.

I cannot wait until we get to another HUGE number and can do this again.
It has been a pleasure working with all the above artists.

Happy Sunday peeps!

{SIG}nature Creations

Monday, September 10, 2012

{SIG} Creations 3000 Fan Giveaway

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We did it!
We reached the 3000 fan mark and want to go crazy celebrating!
I believe it is safe to say, this giveaway is full of awesome prizes.
About $1000 worth in total.

Now THAT is amazing!
So rather than scrolling down the blog to get to each giveaway,
I have compiled the list here.
Just click on each link to take you there!

Wow...writing all those on a list makes it even more real!
3000 fans!!!
I want to thank all of you that have been following the {SIG} journey
and hope that it will continue for a long, long time.

What we do brings a smile to our face.
We only hope that this will bring a smile to yours!

Good luck to everyone entering!
Winners will be announced over the weekend. on the lookout for a couple of {SIG} exclusive giveaways
this week on the day giveaways...that should keep you
coming back for more and more and more!

{SIG}nature Creations

Sheelin's Closet Giveaway

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Do you love vintage?
How about vintage accessories?
Well, Sheelin's Closet has some great ones!

Nicole has generously offered up a full set of lace socks
for our 3000 Fan Giveaway!
These will make any skirt super cute.

That is 5 pairs people.
They will fit girls from size 2-6.
{black, brown, white, pink, and turquoise}

 Oh, and these would be perfect with a peasant dress.

Nicole and {SIG} have a special relationship.
We also sew out her vintage designs.
She is a pleasure to work with.
Prompt in answering emails and questions.
Has a beautiful daughter that helps design her line.
And is just a super sweet and generous person!

That's it my friends!
I hope that there are enough giveaways to keep you busy!

{SIG}nature Creations

Little Bitty Design Studio Giveaway

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Do you like the blog design?
How about all the latest graphics and buttons?
Ah, I see you nodding your head in agreement!

Well then, you will be happy to know that Tracy is the wonderful
designer behind everything and she is generously donating an
awesome party package to include the following:
Personalized Boarding Pass Invitation w/ matching back side
Mailing Labels
Personalize Cupcake/Favor Topper
Airplane Cupcake/Favor Topper
Luggage Tags
Party Signs (4): Drink Cart, Baggage Check, Baggage Claim, and Inflight Meal
Water Bottle Wrap Labels
Food Tents

If you are planning a birthday party soon,
this will surely catch everyone's attention!

Now, what do you need to do to win this fabulous prize package?

Can't wait to see who wins this one!

{SIG}nature Creations

Melbows Place Giveaway

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Becky and Melanie are AH-MA-ZING bow makers.
Trust me, I know first hand how good the quality is AND
how affordable they are!

A mom and daughter team, these ladies are the sweetest around!
I was fortunate enough to meet them almost 2 years ago at a craft fair.
We have been partnered up ever since then.

For one lucky person, you will win this beautiful bowquet!

Light pink, hot pink, and black boutique hairbows
and light pink, hot pink, and black large korkers. 
It sits in a light pink bucket adorned with light pink, hot pink,
and black mesh on a stretchable crocheted hairband. 
So how does one win this?
Just do the steps below!

That's all folks!
You will not be disappointed if you get this wonderful prize!
My girls absolutely LOVE their Melbows Place bows!

{SIG}nature Creations

KSMonkeys Boutique Giveaway

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I have to say, I love Amber's logo!
The monkeys are too.die.for.
And Amber has so graciously given us a $25 gift certificate for you to win!

Wanna see how you can spend it?
Check out her Craft Cafe store!
Or even better, go to her Facebook page and see her latest creations.

You might recognize some of her patterns.
Yep, she purchased them from {SIG}!
And I have to say, she makes some super cute stuff.

So let's get you entered for this gift certificate!

Easy Peasy!
Now cross those fingers and toes!!!

{SIG}nature Creations

Lily Lou Designs Giveaway

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Company Name - Company Message

Do you like applique?
We do!
And we love Staci even more!!!
Check out her website for her goodies!

Staci and {SGI} have been partners now for about 2 years.
We wouldn't have it any other way.
It is super easy to coordinate outfits with her
so you can get fabulous applique shirts with our bottoms.

BUT for our big 3000 Fan Giveaway, she is going to embroider/applique
this wonderful quilted bag for you, your choice of design!

I've seen these bags in person.
They are fabulous!
Roomy...perfect for a diaper bag or school teacher.

Shoot, they are great for ANYTHING!

Don't miss out on this chance to win a great personalized bag!

{SIG}nature Creations

Stinkin' Cute Dollhouse Giveaway

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{SIG} has a new partner in design crime!
Rosa is the owner of Stinkin Cute Dollhouse.
She has some great pieces up for grabs on her Etsy site.

But, you are going to have a chance to win this awesome chunky necklace!

How stinkin' cute is that?!?
Like I seriously would wear it myself!
I've got to tell you that we are working with Rosa in
making some matching chunky necklaces for some of our pieces.

It is very exciting!

But not only are you going to win this necklace,
you will win a matching {SIG} skirt!!!
{susi skirt, our choice fabric to match the necklace}
It is a freebie prize from {SIG} to you.
The necklace is a $28 value and the skirt is worth $25!

So how in the world can you get your hands on this great prize?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

See, that wasn't hard and it will totally be worth the prize!

{SIG}nature Creations

Bee Jaded Jewelry Giveaway

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Hand stamped jewelry is so pretty and unique!
Jessica from Bee Jaded has graciously given us a piece to giveaway.
I have a necklace for my triplets.
And I absolutely LOVE it.

I honestly think every mommy should have one.
Actually, Jessica provides awesome pieces for anyone in the family.
You can see all her goodies on her Bee Jaded website!

Hard to choose from all those amazing pieces she has, huh?
Well, you don't have to make the choice for the giveaway.
Jessica is offering up this beautiful necklace.

 'The Tynan' Pendant - 1" silver disc with winners choice of
a soldered silver or copper heart, and a fresh water pearl charm.
Winner chooses what they want stamped on it, up to 20 characters.
Comes with chain.
A $60 value!

Now, make sure you get all the points!

{SIG}nature Creations

J.Marie Designs Giveaway

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Jana and I have become friends over the past couple of years.
Like me, she is also a mom that loves to sew for her children.
Her outfits are absolutely precious and her quality is amazing!

Here is a little something she wrote to let you know about her...

Hi! I’m Jana, the energy behind J.Marie Designs.

As a Proud US Coast Guard wife and mom to 3 amazing kids, my dream with J.Marie Designs is to create amazing custom clothing. I love fabrics, colors, textures and design. I enjoy incorporating embroidery and monograms into my clothing designs. I work with some amazing pattern designers, too. My inspiration comes from my children… all three of them! Coming up with clothing my teen will wear has been a challenge. Creating custom clothes for my son was another challenge. There isn’t a ton out there for 8 year old boys as far as patterns go – but that’s being remedied. My youngest daughter is my little fashionista – my muse. Living on a small island in Alaska presented challenges all its own.

We were transferred this summer from Kodiak, Alaska to Mobile, Alabama – talk about culture shock!  WE LOVE IT HERE!!!  I feel so at home here.  Still adjusting to the heat and humidity, though, but have come to the conclusion that I enjoy the warm weather. 

J.Marie Designs has evolved from my love of sewing and my love of adorable boutique clothing, hair bows and accessories for kids. 

And for this week, in celebration of hitting 3000 fans,
she is giving away an awesome outfit just like below BUT
it will be made using Christmas fabrics!

Make sure you get all your points in by completing all the tasks!

{SIG}nature Creations
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