Wednesday, June 15, 2011

To Etsy or Not to Etsy

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That is the question.
I have been debating this for a while.
The fees, after all is said & done,
are a bit on the high side.

That really is the main reason I don't do Etsy.
But I'm thinking of a comeback.
To have some "for sure" items in there.

What I mean by "for sure" is that no matter the season,
I can get the fabric.
I guess I'm talking about things like tie shirts
or other freehand applique shirts.

Thinking of just selling the iron on appliques as well.
This way, you can put it on any shirt you want.

And then there are regular ties.
I think we should carry those.
But then I run in to the problem of time.

I'm out of time.
I need to take some "time" to get everything straight.
Time to get ready for the big shoot.
Time to figure out what I want on Etsy.

The exposure on Etsy is awesome!
You really can't beat it.
And it is probably worth the fees,
especially if you can get a good rep on there.

So, the question still remains,
to Etsy or not to Etsy?
And if I do, what do I list?

Would love to hear from you guys on this one!



Staci said...

I've always had an issue with the fees but have never had Etsy. I just jumped straight to my own website that I pay monthly for and use paypal shopping cart. I lack the search engine and exposure Etsy gives though.

Brooke said...

I do like the idea of you guys having something, but maybe a website would be better. You already have such a huge following that I dont think exposure would be an issue. Then you can have galleries of previous work and such.

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