Sunday, June 30, 2013

To top stitch or not to top stitch, that is the question!

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Sometimes I get stuck on what to write.
But today, Candice came over to brainstorm some things with me

Man, I can totally remember the days that I skimped on top stitching.
I even have a couple of examples of my work before I knew better.
I think everyone goes through this while they are learning.

Yep, no top stitching.
I feel ashamed.


But that was in the past.
Long, long ago and I have learned better.
Hence, the reason I am writing this post.

First, what is top stitching?
A top stitch is a stitch sewn parallel to a seam or hem.
This helps keep the seams crisp and them hems, well...hemmed!

Top stitching takes your homemade sewing to another level.
Trust me.
It gives your garment a longer life!

Here are some tips to help you top stitch.

1) Press your hem or your seam prior to top stitching.
2) Use a longer stitch length.  Why?  Because your lines will come out straighter!
My favorite top stitch length is 4mm.
3) Press the seams after top stitching to remove any puckering.
4) Top stitch sashes, ties, etc to keep their form.
5) Use a thread color that matches until you are comfortable top stitching.
Then challenge yourself with a contrasting color!

Notice the bodice is top stitched all the way around.
Even where the ruffle meets the bodice.
It really does make for a clean look!

Again, top stitching where the ruffle meets the skirt.
This gives the dress a much more professional look.
It is worth the extra minute or 2 to do!

And that is all, peeps.
This momma is going to bed! 

{SIG}nature Creations

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mammograms ARE important!

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Nope, not sewing related but important none the less.
And I am not ashamed.
I had to do the deed.

The boob smooshing deed.
Yep, a mammogram.
I'm almost at the age where it become annual.

But this is my 5th one.
That means there is history.
One I don't mind sharing if it encourages all women to take preventative measures!

I was 26.
Young & carefree.
Living in beautiful Austin, TX.

And like a good girl, I was doing self breast exams.
To my surprise, I discovered a lump.
After a mammogram and ultrasound, the lump was confirmed.
{did i mention this happened on my BIRTHDAY?  yeah, good times.}

A needle aspiration found it to be benign.
We decided to take no further action. grew in size.

Fast foward 18 months.
90 pounds lost.
And the darn lump was indeed bigger.

Which meant another mammo.
Another ultrasound.
Another needle aspiration.

AND, surgery.
A lumpectomy.
The darn lump grew to be 4 times its original size.


But, the news came back as benign.
Thank God for little favors.
But it was a wake up call.

Since then, I have had 3 more.
Totally worth it.
Today was just another routine visit.
{crossing fingers for good results}

So I walked up 3 flight of stairs.
Trying to be health conscious.
It's a good thing.

And then I got to put on the gown.
Ain't I sexaaaaaay?!?
I'm thinking the gowns need some serious {SIG} intervention!

So much has changed since my first one.
This time there were only 8 images taken.
It took 15 minutes.

It didn't even hurt to smoosh the boobies.
They will thank me later.
So will my family.

Now, have YOU had one yet?
Check out the guidelines for age and recommendations of frequency HERE.
Most importantly, be proactive.

Do those monthly breast exams.
Fondle those babies.
It is for a good cause.

Get to it!
Happy Wednesday, Peeps!

{SIG}nature Creations

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Delaney Swimsuit Coverup Tutorial

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Do you own the Delaney Dress Pattern?
If not, after you see this, you will want to get it!
Isn't this the most adorable swimsuit coverup ever?

My girls absolutely LOVE theirs and it is so easy to make!
They have even fallen asleep in their coverups after a long day of swimming.
And the tutorial to reverse the Delaney and make this cuteness can be found HERE.

BUT, if you aren't on Facebook, it is all good because I'll take you through the process right now.

For more detailed instructions, please join us in the Facebook group!
I promise, your sweet girl will be very happy to have a comfy coverup.

And with the towel costing only $5.88 at Walmart, you can't beat the price.

{SIG}nature Creations

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Maysen Hi-Lo Dress

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We all know the hi-lo dress or skirt is very popular right now.
From casual to formal, this dress has lots of style!
Celebrities are wearing them for every occasion.

I am trying to learn how to style watch.
Follow trends.
Design from that point.

And then create a pattern.
For a little girl.
That gives her a little "oomph" but still keeps her covered.

I had a trial run but didn't like the bodice much.

And I received quite a bit of feedback from my gals in
the {SIG} Creations Patterns group on Facebook.
The skirt also needed to have more volume.

But volume can be a challenge if you want to keep it cost effective.
Most longer dresses eat up fabric very easily.
This makes it not affordable for boutique seamstresses to make.

Taking all that in to consideration,
I went to bed that night and my brain would not shut off.
Low and behold, my dreams held my answer.

Eager to get up the next morning, I sketched a couple of alternative bodices.
Finally, I settled on tweaking an existing pattern,
cutting off one sleeve, making it a one-shoulder bodice.

The result makes me smile!
Sofi loved it as well as if you couldn't tell by the photos!
I couldn't stop there.

I have decided this dress will have 4 sleeve options and instructions for a tie
on the opposite shoulder for those that are a bit more conservative.
Of course, I had to sew out another one, with the 3/4 length sleeve.

I have to wait patiently for one of my girls to come home.
I want to see that sleeve draped on an actual arm!
So exciting!!!

Now, comes time to start drafting all the sizes.
Then it will be time to write the pattern.
Oh what fun this is!

But I think you will be pleased when the pattern comes out.
I will even add the sash tutorial in the pattern.
What an amazing little dress.

{SIG}nature Creations

Friday, June 7, 2013

$5 Friday ~ Poppy Maxi Dress

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Today I start a new marketing plan!
Away with the percent off sales.
It is just too hard to keep up with.

And who doesn't love a $5 pattern?
That is $2 off.
Better yet, if the pattern is available in 2 or more size styles,
you get them each for $5 for a potential savings up to $6!

Not such a bad deal, huh?

The best part is that this pattern can easily be shortened to your liking.
Easy peasy!

Add ribbon trim.
An extra ruffle.

The possibilities are endless!

Let me tell you my inspiration behind this.
I wanted a maxi for my girls.
One that wouldn't eat up a lot of fabric.
One with a cute v-neck type bodice.
Open in the back.
Big bow.
Totally girly but affordable.

I got to sketching.
I made the first one quickly.
It was suppose to be for another customer.
She never got it.
 Sofi claimed it immediately!

The design was a hit.
She absolutely loved that it was long.
And honestly, I did too.

Then the orders started coming in.
One in particular, for a backyard wedding.
And the bride gave me creative freedom.

Burlap anyone?
Perfect combo!

That may be my all time favorite creation to date!
And now you can get creative with it as well.
Oh, do share photos.

To purchase, just click on the links below!

{SIG} Poppy Maxi Dress Toddler - size 12 month to 5
{SIG} Poppy Maxi Dress Tween - size 6 to 14 youth

Be on the lookout for pattern releases today!
The new Paige Dress based off of an existing tank or shirt is great for a beginner.
And the Olivia Knot Dress, with a twist or 2!

Lastly, come join us in the {SIG} Creations Patterns group on Facebook.
See you there!
{SIG}nature Creations

Monday, June 3, 2013

It is time for a comeback!

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It has been a minute, or 10.
Ok, it's been way longer.
And it is time for a comeback.

{SIG} has grown by leaps and bounds in the past 6 months.
Major growing pains.
Good growing pains.
But trying to manage it all with triplets and a part time job just about killed me!

I had to find something to let go and it was the blog.
But that should not be a problem any more.
So, I am going to take baby steps.

Let's start with the biggest news.
I have gotten in to pattern writing.
PDF patterns to be more precise.
And I really like it.

Here are some of the patterns that have recently come out, along w/ links for purchase.

Delaney Dress/Top Pattern ~ Size 0-3 month to 8 youth 

OOAK Skirt Pattern ~ Size 12 month to 5T

OOAK Skirt Pattern ~ Size 6 to 14

Bib Shirt Pattern ~ Infant, Toddler and Youth

Poppy Maxi Dress ~ Size 12 month to 5T

Poppy Maxi Dress ~ Size 6 to 14

And that isn't all.
I have TWO more patterns in the testing process.
Yes, I have been busy!

The Paige dress is super beginner friendly and perfect for summer!

The Olivia Dress comes with 3 strap options and 2 skirt options.
That's a lot of mixing and matching!

So, there you have it!
My life the past few months.
Learning how to pattern write, revamping old patterns, and keeping up with regular life.

Things should ease up now that I don't have a part time job, thank God!
And Andrea and I are still making custom clothing.
Oh, and we brought on another seamstress, Carol.

Geez, a lot has happened!
Now, I am crossing fingers that I can keep up with the blog as well!

Have a wonderful Monday, Peeps!

{SIG}nature Creations
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