Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A woman's tools...

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I own 4 sewing machines.
The first is a Target/Walmart special.
You know the ones I'm talking about.

They use to only put them out during major holidays.
Now it is a staple in their store.
For about $80, you can own one.

It is a Singer.
Very basic.

Looks almost identical to this one I found at Walmart.
It is a great little machine.
Perfect to test the sewing waters with.
If you don't like sewing, then it isn't a huge waste of money.

I call mine Sally Singer.
You will find that I name all my machines.
Questionable, I know.

After I realized I was going to take sewing to the next level,
I decided to go to my local Sewing Machine Warehouse.
Love this place.
Love Lee (the guy that sells me everything).
Love that they treat me so well.


I went in looking for a great little sewing machine.
I walked out with a Brother Innov-is 1200.
It was a little used but looked to be the perfect machine.
And it was a combo.
Sewing & embroidery!

This would allow me to play with monogramming
& other applique type features.
Come to find out, I'm not a big fan of appliqueing.
This is why I gave it all up to Staci at Lily Lou Designs.

I really like my Brother, Betty Brother to you.
I liked it so much, I put over 1 million stitches on it in about 4 months.
The poor baby.
I was fixing her left & right.

To relieve the stress on Betty,
I bought a Janome serger.
On sale, from Hancock for $180 instead of $350.
I got a good deal.
Jan hasn't let me down yet.
She is a ruffling BEAST!

It was then, I realized {SIG} was getting big.
But before I decided to get a new machine,
I got an extra set of sewing arms.
Miss Andrea.

And Andrea needed a couple of machines.
So I invested in that.
A Janome Magnolia...we call her Mags.
And a serger, just like mine.
I didn't name the Janome.
Maybe Andrea did.

Mags came named.
I was going to keep her.
But I let Andrea have her.
Mags is a nice little machine for any moderate sewer.

The whole time, Lee had been telling me it was time to upgrade.
But I don't do credit.
I mean, I do credit but I don't do credit on big purchases.
So I saved for about a month.
And went in to get the Pfaff Expressions 2.0.

This is Fefe. Fefe Pfaff.
I really like her.
We get along quite well.
It did take some adjusting & sure, she doesn't have
a million & one stitches to choose from.
But man, can she get the job done!
She may be the youngest member of my crüe,
but she is definitely the matriarch in the family.

There you have it.
What I use & why.
And there will be another bigger, better machine in the future.
I'm drooling over the Janome Horizon 7700.
But that ain't happening for a while.


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