Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mommy likes it!

Pin It My wonderful friend left some comments about the wreath & diaper cake that I thought I would share!

"I LOVE the diaper wreath. In fact, it's hanging on our front door right now. You did a wonderful job and I wish you all the best with your business!"


"Astrid, naturally this cake you made for Erin is my favorite. This will definately be a keepsake in her room. Thank you!! I received quite a few comments about the cake from nurses and visitors."

Thank you Jen! I'm so happy that you love them both!

Friday, February 20, 2009

"It's a girl!" Diaper Wreath

Pin It She had a girl! I decided to go w/ pink & brown this time b/c I love the ribbon that I put across the middle. I also think that it is a classy & modern look. I think everyone can say that this color scheme is pretty popular now days. I would like to try pink & black the next time, if that is what someone wants.

Here is the full wreath hanging as it would from the hospital door or the front door.

This is a close-up of the bow I made for the top.

Here is the bottom of the wreath & a little pink TY ducky.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Texas A&M Cake ~ Collegiate Representation

Pin It Sorry it has taken so long to get this cake done! Unfortunately my son got very sick & was hospitalized twice in a 2 week period of time. Thankfully he is getting better & I finally had some time to get this done. This is for a friend of the family. They are big Aggies & since we don't know whether they are having a boy or girl (it's a secret), I wanted to do something for them that would be gender neutral. What better than a collegiate cake?!?

This cake has 2 tiers (about 55 size 2 diapers), 2 A&M pacifiers, 1 A&M onesie, 1 pair of A&M socks, an A&M bib & a monkey rattle. The center of the cake is filled w/ Hershey's kisses, a special treat for mom!

I think a collegiate cake is great for a couple that LOVES their college. I know we have some serious University of Texas fans as well as Texas Tech, University of Houston, Baylor & any other major college out there. Why not give them a cake that is different & customize like that? I can totally see a Red Raiders (red & black) cake or a beautiful green & gold cake for the Bears. Hey, a Cougars cake w/ a stuffed cougar would top it off beautifully! You name it, I can do it!

My next project will be a wreath once we find out it is a boy or girl. She is set to be induced on Wednesday so the wreath will be there on Thursday!
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