Friday, September 30, 2011

{SIG} Shoot Photo Previews Part 3

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Somehow I didn't get any shots of Candace's children.
I think I was reeling by this time.
Worried about the next scene and what not.
The camera was left in the truck.

But that's ok because Candace provided us a sneak peak of her own.

Aren't her 2 precious kids adorable?
And I must say that Tara & Tyler were very well behaved!
I love the colors in this scene.

I cannot wait to see more!

{SIG}nature Creations

Thursday, September 29, 2011

{SIG} Shoot Photo Previews Part 2

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I promised you more.
This adorable trio are our good friends.
Mia, Andrew, and Ava are precious!
And their mom, Susan, is a very close friend of mine.

And because she is such a good sport, she
let me do a whole role play for the scene.
Yeah, you don't get that much of a peak!

Think Christmas dinner...
momma in an apron...


Until then, you get my shots.

This is one of my faves, Mia didn't want anything to do with her siblings.

Andrew really stole the show.
He is such a dapper little fellow!

Miss Ava, dainty as can be.

Mia just wanted to look at the photos on the camera.
{and yeah, there is a peak of the apron, darnit}

All this is part of our Christmas line.
Love this fabric!
Love this family!

{SIG}nature Creations

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

{SIG} Shoot Photo Previews

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Ok, I'm going to drag this out a bit.
We will start with Melanie's precious children.
Levi, Bekah, and Jake were awesome!

Jake never, not once cried and he is the cutest baby!
Love the curls.
I love the outfits (ours of course).

The smiles.
The goofy looks.
And us hustling to keep it all together.
{see crazy photo at the end}

And these are only the photos *I* got.
I cannot wait to see Candace's Magic.
That is Eye Candy by Candace of course!

If you live in the Houston area,
she is well worth the visit out to Cypress!

Enjoy & I will share more tomorrow...
{SIG}nature Creations

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bee Jaded Jewelry GIVEAWAY

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Jessica is an absolute doll to work with.

She came through with such special necklaces for all our models.

And to boot, she gave us a couple of extra pendants to give away!

Bee Jaded makes awesome custom jewelry for everyone in the family.

She is super sweet and a mommy to twins.

You can say that us Moms of Multiples run in a tight circle.

This necklace was one she made for me.

I adore it.

I wear it every chance I get.

Up for grabs is this awesome necklace.

It says, "I believe in fairytales".

The charm is of a horse and carriage.

Perfect for any little girl!

Change out the ribbon to match any outfit!

Are you anxious to find out what you have to do?

Here are the deets peeps...

Don't forget to make SEPARATE COMMENTS

for each of the tasks below!

You will have through Saturday, October 1st at midnight, CST to enter.

Winner will be announced on October 2nd!

1) Become a follower of the {SIG} Blog & leave a comment.
2) Get a friend to follow the blog & leave a comment w/ their name.
3) Become a fan of the {SIG} Facebook page & leave a comment.
4) Become a fan of the Bee Jaded Facebook page,
leave her some {SIG} love on her wall,
& don't forget to comment here!

For those that have participated in the Bee Jaded giveaway before,

you KNOW this gets good!

We had 65 comments to try and win.

This would be the perfect stocking stuffer so get to it.

Get your {SIG} groove on, cross those fingers & comment!

{SIG}nature Creations

Friday, September 23, 2011

Another sneak peak...with real photos!

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Yeah, I couldn't stand it.
I had to share more.

Here is a picture of a tissue paper pom pom.
This was my 4th one.
Super easy & much cheaper than buying the kits!
I'll be doing a tutorial for them.

This is an example of the fabric I have been using for fall.
An apron knot top rather than the dress.
Andrea has the pants so this is going to be an awesome outfit!

This final sneak peak is going to be one of our stock Christmas dresses.
It is awesome!
I absolutely adore this whole line from Michael Miller.
The colors are fabulous.

And that is it folks...
no more until after the photo shoot.
I'm so excited!

{SIG}nature Creations

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Getting ready for the big photo shoot...

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The {A} Team has been very busy this week.
We are getting together the finishing touches for the photo shoot
this Saturday with Eye Candy by Candace.

I'm tellin' ya...this stuff is awesome and will showcase
what it is we are capable of doing.
I am most excited about the Christmas stuff.

The scenes are going to be awesome!
The props are amazing.
The clothing is soooo pretty!

The fabrics came together so well.
Here are a few teasers.
Sorry, I'm not going to reveal more than this...bwaahhhahhahaha...

For the boys, think old school golfer...

Now it is time to get back to sewing!

{SIG}nature Creations

Monday, September 19, 2011

Pink Stars Bowtique Giveaway WINNER

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We have a winner for this beautiful bow holder from Pink Stars Bowtique!
That lucky number is number 8!

Jamie, please contact me via email at with your info so I can ship
this pretty bow holder out to you!
{SIG}nature Creations

Thursday, September 15, 2011

{SIG} Photo Shoot Sneak Peak

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I tried to tell myself I was going to keep it all a secret.
I really, really did.
But I can't.

I was making Jude's corduroy country club pants with pockets
and have to share them because they are awesome!
I am not buying any jeans or bottoms for my kids this year.
And this is the reason why...

Yeah, I'm a little jealous that Andrea's son is wearing them.
But I can fix that problem...just make another pair for Ian!
But these are really killer!
I want to make some with knee patches/pads.

So cute!
And if you aren't a pocket lover, here are the flat front pants.

The boys in the photo shoot will be wearing these.
Andrew is another one of our boy models.
He gets the red pair.
Think teal & red together...yum!

I can't wait!
Enjoy the peak!

{SIG}nature Creations

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pink Stars Bowtique GIVEAWAY

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Isn't it pretty?
I like it!
And if you have a princess or ballerina that loves bows,
she will want you to win it!

Crystal contacted me about sponsoring a giveaway.
She has many cute items in her Etsy store.
But we decided this is unique so this is what we would give away.

It is a beautiful bow holder!
Sturdy and tested by myself,
there is plenty of room to put bows galore on 3 hanging satin ribbons.

Not only has Crystal generously sponsored this giveaway,
she also sent a cute Halloween tutu & bow combo
for the upcoming Lisa Chapman Cancer Benefit Auction
that {SIG} will be hosting in October.

Super cute stuff!

Now, I know you want the deets.
So here goes...

Please remember to make SEPARATE COMMENTS ON THE BLOG
to get all entries counted!
You have through Saturday, September 17th at midnight CST to enter.

1) Become a follower of the {SIG} Blog & leave a comment to let me know.
2) Get a friend to follow the blog & leave a comment w/ their name.
3) Become a fan of the Pink Stars Bowtique Facebook page,
leave her some {SIG} love & comment here.

Ain't too shabby, huh?
Now, get to leaving comments!

{SIG}nature Creations

Monday, September 12, 2011

I'm baaaaaaack...

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Man, so much has happened in the last 2 weeks.
First, my kids got a really bad tummy virus.
And then I got it...and then the hubs.
It was horrible.
Loads of puke and diarrhea.

Enough to go around for many years to come.
We were wiped out for 5 days.
I said horrible...I meant horrible.

But back to {SIG}...

There are many good things on the horizon.
We've got our first official photo shoot on the 24th of Sept.
That means we only have 12 days to get everything ready.
Crunch time.

And the Halloween upload is being cleared so if you ordered,
it will be arriving this week and next week!

If that isn't enough, on the 27th, we are doing another upload.
Cute fall fabrics and Thanksgiving fabrics.
Some other things will be in there as well.

Gonna share a couple of things we have made
that my fabulous photog has taken photos of.
Candace is amazing!

This is a beautiful grandmother that I made a twirly skirt for.
Her grandkids all matched the fabric in here.
I love how she put the belt on!
Great accessory!

This is a beautiful shot of all of them together!

This little ladybug celebrated her first birthday this weekend.
Isn't this the cutest rear end EVA?!?

And if that isn't cute enough...
check out these twins.
They celebrated their 3rd birthday in style!

There is more to come!
I promise to get some Halloween upload pics up soon...
and a giveaway on Wednesday for a beautiful bow holder!
Be on the lookout...enjoy your Monday!

{SIG}nature Creations

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lisa Chapman Cancer Benefit Auction

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Ever since I found out that Lisa has cancer,
I've been thinking of doing this.
A silent Facebook online auction.

I've participated in many before.
Giving, giving, giving...
and now it is time for me to organize one.

I am asking for donations.

Gift Certificates
Photography Sessions
Sewn Items
Paper Goods

And anything under the sun that will help make this successful!

I've already got about 15 donations but that just ain't gonna cut it.
Please consider doing this for a wonderful family.

A little about Lisa...
She is a 35 & a single momma to a beautiful girl, Caitlin.
Caitlin was adopted & has Asperger's Syndrome.
She is the sweetest girl.
And she is doing amazingly well trying to adjust
to the many, many changes they are facing.

Lisa & I went to high school together.
This could be me.
This could be anyone.

I will accept goods through Sept 27th.
The auction will go live on Oct. 1st & end on Oct. 3rd.
I will accept Paypal donations through the 3rd.

If you are interested in donating a good,
email me at

and if you would like to donate money,
you can do so by sending it through Paypal to the
email address stated above.

Any little bit helps.

{SIG}nature Creations
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