Thursday, October 23, 2014

It has been a LONG time

Pin It Let's face it.  Life happens.  The blog went to the wayside.
I just gave up writing.
But going back through my blog and reading the posts has inspired me to write again.
I need to keep a chrono of my kids life and our experiences.

Today is the day I start over.
I am so excited to get the blog back up and running.
Share our lives with you.
What my little family does.

And I hope you come along for the ride!
I have lots on my mind and it seems that writing always helps me out.
But before I get into all that has happened, I have to share some updated pics.

They aren't the most recent but they will do for now.

We have our next set of family pics coming up on Friday.
I can't wait to see how much the kids have changed since last year!
And I feel great to be back!

{SIG}nature Creations

Monday, September 30, 2013

Back from the LIVING DEAD

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I had to have surgery.
I felt like a zombie for about 8 days.
For real...pain meds & I do not like each other much.

But I am now on the mend.
Off all the meds & healing.
And this is only the 1st of a couple I have to endure.

Age is definitely a factor.
Recovery time has been much longer.
Shoot, finding my brain alone took a good 10 days!

Even then, I am still struggling to remember things.
Unfortunately ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

And now I will be keeping up with the blog again!
Stay tuned for the rest of the photography series & other great topics!
Hope to see you around & have a wonderful day.

{SIG}nature Creations

Sunday, September 8, 2013

How to Photograph Your Garment: Neutral Background

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What is the world are you talking about?
A neutral background?
Well, it isn't all that difficult a concept, I promise!

When you photograph a garment or accessory, the last thing you want to do is detract from it.
Your background has EVERYTHING to do with this.
And it can ruin a picture.

Let's take a look at this first one.
Great scarf, huh?

Unfortunately, scarves are a bit difficult to photograph.
So, I thought it would be brilliant to hang it on a line.
BUT, your eye doesn't go directly to it.

There is all that green stuff to the left that competes with the scarf.
This makes the background not so neutral.
It is also a great example of "noise".
{read more about noise HERE}

{photo is from Etsy Shop BirgitBlau}

Now, this is a much better picture of a scarf.
Honestly, I'm not one for cutting off heads BUT it is still a fantastic photo.
The background is neutral and the focus is the scarf.

Let's look at some more photos submitted from the ladies in my pattern group.

Christina sent this one one.
Let's just get to it, the background is too busy.
The decals, although super cute, take away from the dress & that cutie wearing it.

The ground has 2 colors, the white rug takes your eyes directly there.
Not the best of shots, if you are trying to focus on that baby girl & what she is wearing.
I even cropped it, and you can still see the purple curtain.

This is another photo submitted by Christina.
She is on the right track here.
The background is more neutral.

What makes this neutral?
One, the color.
Two, there are no decals or frames or any other things to distract the eye.

But there is one thing.
The one issue I have here are the lines.
This shot would have been better if she had taken it straight on.

Here are a few examples of what neutral means.
Neutral and when you don't have a model to put your garment on.

All white.
And although this is a neutral background, it isn't a great shot.
It is the door to my kitchen pantry.

Shiny paint.
Makes light jump off of it.
And yes, funny shadows.

Here is an even better neutral background.

Wooden fences are perfect.
Personally, I am a minimalist.
Although I do like what professional photogs do w/ props,
I also believe they take away from the garment.

In the case of the dress above, the wooden fence let's the dress shine.
You see all the detailing.
And notice that the mannequin is hanging off the HORIZONTAL part of the fence.

Lines are important.
This means, make them vertical & horizontal.
This pleases the eye.

This one is great.
The chalkboard & the wooden deck make the perfect neutral background.
The chalkboard actually provides a neat frame & no, the item doesn't have to fit perfectly in to it.

Here is the chalkboard again but on grass.
The grass is a great neutral, doesn't take away from the skirt.
I have even laid the skirt on the grass alone & honestly,
that is better than laying it on your wooden floors inside.

Now, let's look at some garments on models.
Again, I take all my photos, occasionally I have some pro pics sent it.
But to be blatantly honest, it is expensive to swap, trade, barter, or what get the picture.
Why not learn how to take pics on your own?

Haven't you noticed that backgrounds are normally a copy of great things around you?
Bricks, wooden fence (whether it is neutral or painted white), cement, etc.
So, use what you have available!

My house has a couple of great brick walls that I like to use.
I also have a great, old fence that has the fantastic green stuff growing on it.
Those are my 2 favorite places to use.

Notice in this photo, the lines are not vertical or horizontal.
Sometimes in photography, a slight slant can really add dimension & depth to a photo.
But, if you are just a hair off, it definitely detracts!
It MUST look intentional.

Let's see what you can come up with.
Anyone ready for some homework?
Find yourself a good, neutral background close to home.

Try to keep it outside.
And the best time to shoot is early morning or early evening.
Feel free to join my {SIG} Pattern Group on Facebook & post your photos there,
or email me at and I will help you out.

Most importantly, have fun!

{SIG}nature Creations

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

How to Photograph Your Garment: Noise

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First, I am by no means a photography expert.
So, please...consider that as you keep reading.
But, I do know how to take pics of garments I have made.

Photos sell products.
We know that in any situation.
It is really what sets the tone when you are looking to purchase.

Let's start off slowly, shall we?
First things first.
Keeping your eye on the garment & eliminating NOISE.

What the heck is noise?
Well, it is all that background junk that gets in the way of a nice photo.
You know, the row of houses or the door or a messy living room.

That is noise.
It detracts from what you are trying to feature!
And you want your customers to LOOK at your garment, not the crap around it.

Here is a perfect example of what I mean by noise.
Although my trio sure does look cute, there are lots of other things to see besides what they are wearing.
What do you see?

The French doors are a big no no.
It doesn't provide a neutral background (I will get in to that on another post).
You can also see through the window panes.

And if you know anything about having triplets, there are always toys EVERYWHERE.
You get to "see" all that through the panes of glass.
Definitely not nice if you want someone to see the cute skirts & shorts.

Look at the sign on the door.
Again, it catches the eye.
Takes the eye AWAY from what you should be looking at.

Worst of all, the photo is inside.
Not that taking photos inside can't be done but you really need to know how to do it right.
I try to avoid inside shots at all times.

Let's study this shot for a minute.

First, I used FLASH.
That is a big no-no.
I don't care if you have to wait to photograph it, don't use flash.

Flash produces horrible shadows.
Looks at the legs?
See the shadows, it makes them look weird.

Next, the baby gate, chair, and mirror are in the background.
There are several different walls as well.
Not a good shot.

And yeah, the pink shirt & swimming shoes, not so much.
Accessorizing is so, so important.
You want your piece to shine, not the extras to take away from it!

Let's check out some better shots now.

This photo really focuses on the garment.
It is set against a neutral background.
And although it is not a straight shot, there is something said for it being slightly tilted.

Also, the model isn't even looking at the camera.
You don't have to have a smiling model.
I find that shots like this are even better because smiles can feel forced.

The above shot does a great job of showing the whole outfit.
BUT, there are times that you want to feature a part of the garment.
Look below.

I absolutely love this shot of Delaney.
This pattern is the Poppy Maxi Dress.
I wanted to make sure to feature the tie in the back.

You will notice the background is blurred.
Something I have learned to do over time.
Your eye is automatically drawn to the back.

Well, I think I have covered enough for today.
I don't want to overwhelm you.
Try to really look at surroundings next time you photograph!

I promise, this first step will make a huge difference in your photography!

Much love!
{SIG}nature Creations
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