Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Ramblings...

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Time to ramble...

Did you know that Andrea is actually my BFF's sis-in-law?
Yep, she sure is.
And now one of my closest friends.

Our kids are BFFs.
Every Tuesday, Andrea, Jude, & sometimes Cecilia come over.
Last week we had a picnic lunch.
We like to refer the 4 of them as the "pseudo-quads".
Cuz that's what they act like.

I think this is a funny picture.
These items sit on my sewing desk.
That would be 2 plastic containers of sewing goodies.
A few lighters for burning the ends of ribbon.
Compressed air b/c I have fuzzies all over the place.
Oil for my machines.
And a new pair of scissors for trimming thread.
(not sure what the screw is for)

The seasoning we use in just about everything.
Actually, now that the kids are eating most of what we eat,
we take it easy on the Tony's.
This stuff will make ANYTHING taste wonderful.
Just sayin'...

These are
The Cookie Jar can create just about any theme you want.
Just ask them.
Lisa & Ira are the most awesomest eva!
If you decide to get their cookies,
tell them I sent you their way.


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