Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Ramblings...

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This has been brewing in my head.
These random nothings about me.
I guess so you see who "me" is.

I'm just an ordinary gal.
Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina
and immigrated to the USA at the age of 4.

I am a creature of habit.
To the point of freakiness.
Maybe could be considered OCD.
But I like it just the way I like it.

No changes please.
Not to these items.

That is my Starbuck's coffee mug.
Keeps coffee hot the whole time I drink it.
Even if it takes 3 hours.
And the coffee maker is fabulous.
No filter.
Just a percolator.
Can't forget the cheap Kroger's No Fat French Vanilla.
It replaced my Starbuck's when I became a SAH mommy.
Gotta have my 2 mugs every morning.

The water cup.
Got it when I went it to stop contractions when I was 21 weeks
pregnant with the triplets.
I haven't lost it yet.
The kids drink out of it & so do I.
While I was breastfeeding all the kids,
I would drink 4 of these 32 oz cups full of water a day.
Sometimes 5.
That's a lot of water.

This is my daily lunch.
Don't ask.
It just is.
I won't eat anything else.
See the OCD coming out?
Occasionally, when I take the kids to Chick-fil-A,
I will get extra CFA sauce & dip the Hot 'n Spicy in it.

My favorite evening beverage.
I don't even bother w/ the small bottle anymore.
I can't get enough of Yellow Tale.
Go Aussies!

This song makes me cry every.sing.time.
It reminds me of a very special time in my life.
It also reminds me of how fragile life is.
This is my song to my Opa.
What a great man.
I miss him horribly.

Updated version of Forever Young called Young Forever.
Jay-Z is an amazing artist.
I have loved him from the beginning.
Talk about a dichotomy of musical taste.
And for the record, I cry w/ this version too.
I'm such a sap.


PS ~ Andrea can verify my daily routine.

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