Wednesday, June 1, 2011

SIGnature Creations Take 2

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We have been talking about it for a while.
Another Facebook page for reselling {SIG} items.
The talking turned in to action as of today!

We have the SIGnature Creations Take 2 page up & running!
If you have some gently worn {SIG} items
you are ready to part with,
this is your chance to pass it along
to other {SIG} lovers!

We all know times are tough.
Affording the new stuff isn't always a possibility.
Heck, I completely understand.
Why do you think I started sewing?

CUZ...we couldn't afford boutique clothing for the kids!

AND, this is a chance for you to get some money
back on the purchases you made.

It is a win-win situation for everyone on deck.
So, go on...LIKE the page.
Sell your {SIG} goodies.
Enjoy making some of the money back.

But please don't forget a few things...

1) ONLY sell {SIG} items on this page. All others will be deleted.

2) Please do not sell for at or over retail value. Seller will be contacted & if a resolution is not met, the item will be deleted.

3) Please provide a detailed description of the item (wear & tear, peeps).

4) A photo is a must! Customers would like to see a visual of what has been created by the {SIG} Team.

5) Shipping must be reasonable (we know cost of shipping pretty well so you can't pull the wool over our eyes).


The {A} Team

PS ~ Photography by Eye Candy by Candace

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