Saturday, June 18, 2011

{LOVE} for Dr. Seuss

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It is no secret,
Dr. Seuss is highly regarded around these here parts.
We love him.
We adore him.

Anne shares the same Dr. S love that I do.
As do her kids & my kids.
All seven of them.
(Yep, Miss Anne has a set of triplets & an older daughter.)

The fabric is so vibrant & fun.
The possibilities are endless.

Planning can be tedious but w/ this fabric,
it is so much fun!

These are the bodices before anything was attached.
I love this shot.

And here is are the bodices put together w/ the bottom of the skirt.

And I know you want to see the skirt part of each dress.
This is my artsy-fartsy view.

And the regular view for those that like a straight on photo.

I just can't wait to see Erin, Nora, Evelyn, & Maeve
in their Dr. Seuss pretties!
Just so you know, Melanie made matching bows.
Gotta wait to see them w/ the outfit.

It's killing me!


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