Tuesday, April 26, 2011

{SIG} Fabric Upload

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After taking orders for a couple of months,
the extra fabric piles up.
In a good way.
Cuz then it is immediately available.

No need to order from my supplier.
Easy to see what prints go together.
Patterns already picked out.

No thinking involved,
unless you have to pick between a couple of the offers.

The {SIG} Fabric Upload has become popular.
It allows me to get it outta my home & move new fabric in.

Sometimes you can catch a GREAT deal.
So you have to be prepared.

And might I add how much fun Andrea & I
had photographing the combos of fabric?
We even came up w/ a new word.

(look it up, orgasm caused by combining fabrics)

Seriously, you should have heard us.
That's all I got.

Oh, some teasers...

Hello Kitty has resurfaced & is as cute as ever!


Sam I am,
I do not like green eggs & ham!

My fave color combo...

Astrid & The {A} Team

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Team Linus Donations

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You know when something tugs at your heart?
Yeah, that feeling.
The one that doesn't let go.

Maybe b/c the calling is very near to you.
Yet so far away.
It haunts you day & night.

Because, it could be you.

We almost lost our son.
To see another family struggling,
albeit for a different reason,
still brings it too close to home.

Especially when that family is another triplet family.
Robbie & Trina are having to watch their son battle for his life.
All in the meantime, having 2 other sweet boys at home.

I was contacted by the coordinators to donate.
And of course, I jumped at the chance.
This is a local family & one that has 3 6 month old boys.

They need help.

That is all I needed to hear.
Andrea & I discussed what we would donate.
She was going to tackle one outfit,
I was going to tackle the other.

Andrea put this beauty together.
The beanie is from Miss Beanies n More.

Then it was my turn to anti up.
It all started w/ this fabric.
Gotta love Michael Miller Fabrics!

Here are my stencils made from the fabric.
I had to make several different sizes
to accommodate all size shirts.

As I cut out 1 guitar & placed it on the shirt alone,
it dawned on me.
I needed to represent all 3 boys.
Not just Linus.
1 color print for Linus,
another color print for Simon & Dexter.

And Linus' guitar needed a heart.
After all, he is fighting the fight of his life.

The heart looked plain.
I knew I needed to do something.
So the gears in my head started turning.


Broken Heart.


Linus needed a heart that was being mended,
not just a full nice, red heart.
Cuz that just wasn't accurate.

The finished Team Linus boy outfit rocks!

But that's not all...
Cuz if you know me,
you know I had to come up w/ a girl version.
So it began...

Introducing Team Linus Pink!

Team Linus Blue & Pink together...

$10 from each outfit will be given to Team Linus.
To read more about Linus, Simon, & Dexter,
go over to A Story of Two Moms.

Not only was a privileged enough to make these,
I also got to make the Team Linus coordinators shirts.
I am HONORED to have done it!
Thank you for the opportunity.

Astrid & The {A} Team

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Back to Blogging...

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So sorry for the absence.
Between being sick & then the kids' b-day party,
there hasn't been much time.

I've got loads & loads of fabulous fabric
for an upload that is going to be happening
in a couple of weeks.

Some of the fabric you have seen,
some of it is new!

The {A} Team has been hard at work
trying to keep up w/ the demand.
We are on a 1 month production schedule,
give or take a few days.

As always, we appreciate your {SIG} support!

The {A} Team

Friday, April 8, 2011

Pretty in Pink

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Diaper cakes are so fun to do.
They challenge my creativity.
I can also put in some sewn goodies
in place of the normal stuff you get at stores.

And I get to get my friends in on the action.
Especially when it is requested to make it
"over the top" & all girl!

Diaper cakes get started w/ me
collaborating w/ the buyer.
Since they are custom & normally M2M
the shower or the nursery,
I am often sent the invite or room decor.

Then I go on the hunt for some flannel.
Gotta have a nice blanket to put underneath baby.
And why not embroider a name or monogram to
really personalize the cake?

Next, I talk about add-ons.
You know, the extra goodies.
Once that is set, I get to creating.

I get all sewing done first.
This helps me start visualizing the cake.
How I am going to put it together.

Then I pull in together all the goodies,
lay them out so I can see them all.
I also decide if everything fits in to the vision.
If it doesn't, it get's pulled.

Rolling commences.
And the diaper cake starts to come together.
This bottom layer has 52 sz 3 diapers.

Can't deny the littles helping me!

After the diapers are all together,
I let the goodies talk to me.
I roll them, move them, touch them.
Let them get to know one another.

Take them down,
try again.

Finally, I hit the jackpot.
This beauty is a result.
Not to shabby.

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