Friday, June 3, 2011

4th of July Upload in Progress

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Ladies & Gents...
the 4th of July album is up for sale!
There are some GREAT prints still available.

Some of them are my faves.
Part of me wants them to sell,
the other part wants them for my kids.

But, if I made something for them EVERY.TIME.
this whole house would be full of clothing.

This Air Force print is awesome!
It would make any little boy OR
little girl look precious.
Cargo shorts for the boy,
any dress for a girl.
I soooo want to use this!

Here is the Army version of the same print above.
This is great for anyone that has family
in the Army & can be worn
for more than just the 4th of July.
A little off the beaten path b/c
it isn't red/white/blue but I love it al the same!

This is navy blue/red star combo
is so pretty in person.
I can't believe someone hasn't snagged it up.
The perfect Bella Strip dress or ruffle shorts!



Such a cute print!
Someone HAS to pick it!

Enjoy the sale album.
We will enjoy creating beautiful clothing for you!

The {A} Team

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