Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fall fabric sneak peek...

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The truth of the matter?
I was in a pinch to find fall colored fabric.
In June, for a photo shoot.

I go to my trusty source, Skye Reve Fabrics,
and see the Aviary Collection & that was it.

(photo courtesy of Mimi's Fabric)

I had Natasha overnight it to me.

And then I had to figure out what to do w/ it.
After all, the photog said FALL outfits.
No shorts, no spaghetti straps, nothing summery or springy.

Mind you, it is 90 degrees by 9 am in Texas.
So it was going to be hot.
Of course, I had to make it hotter.


Nothing says fall/winter like corduroy.
It is universally known.
Isn't it?

The boy ended up having to wear a reversible professor vest.
The girls, although I wanted a more complicated design, wore peasant dresses.
Time was a huge factor.
I can throw a peasant dress together in less than 45 minutes.
To make it a bit more 3 dimensional, I decided to add a gathered pocket.

I also played w/ the {SIG} bloom & altered it a bit.
I'm going to call the new bloom an accordion bloom.
That's what it looks like & it is caaaute!

One for the girls' hair, another as a pin on their dress.
And that was the extent of the planning & time I had.

This is the end result.

Not too shabby considering the circumstances.
And I love how it turned out.
Wish the kids would have been a bit more cooperative.
But I guess you can't have your cake & eat it too.



Linda said...

Gorgeous! You're making me wish for fall--not hard when it's a 100 degrees outside!

Surviving Triplets said...

That makes 2 of us, Linda!


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