Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Ramblings...

Pin It
Another week has flown by.
The down time from taking orders has really helped
me be able to get some things going.

I'm an official member of Pinterest.
I now have to figure out how to "pin" my goodies.
Truth be told, I'll have to REMEMBER to pin my goodies.

I always said that expensive jeans didn't make a difference.
Never understood paying more than $30 for a pair.


I'm going to say it.
You are going to read it.


There, I said it.

These are the most fabulous.jeans.ever.made.
Don't care about the price.
They make my butt look like it is 18 again.
Actually, better than 18 b/c I wasn't too skinny back then.

Rock Revival
And the ones pictured are my fave pair.

Isn't this the coolest bag?
Tio (my brother) brought back some gifts from Argentina
and they came in a couple of these handmade newspaper bags.

One tore so my hope is to learn how to make them.
Wouldn't they be cute for favor bags?

I found this hat holder in an antique store not too long ago.
I think this will be great for photographing
the newsboy hats for the fall collection.
Isn't it a cool piece?

And that is it for now.
Have a wonderful week peeps!


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