Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Meet {A}ndrea

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That greeting can only mean one thing...either I'm from Texas or I attended Texas A&M.

Actually, I have the privilege of saying that both apply to me.

A lifelong Texan, but only a short stint at A&M, unfortunately.

But it's funny how things happen...because most every good thing in my life is because of my short time at that school.

Now I don't want to hijack the {SIG} blog to unload my life story on y'all, but I do have to start here so that you know how Astrid came into my life!

I spent one short, overwhelming semester at A&M. While I was there I had sweet dorm mate named Leslie. After I left school and returned home, I kept in contact with her. We remained friends and I would hang out with her and her older brother most any time she was home from school. And then, well...I started spending time with her brother when she WASN'T home from school. =)
He and I started dating, broke up, became best friends and after my daughter was born in 1998 (from another relationship), we started dating again...we were certainly meant to be and have been together ever since.
We married in 2004 and Leslie became my sister-in-law.

So what does this have to do with Astrid?

She has known Les since they were in junior high. They are BFF's!
AGAIN, funny how things work...I coincidentally had a speech class with Astrid while attending community college. I knew her only because I had met her a time or two through Leslie.

After that, I really had no contact with Astrid for a very long time.

Then miraculously, she, Leslie, and I all ended up being pregnant at the same time. We all had our children (their first, my second) during the first half of 2008. Since Leslie lives in New Jersey and and I didn't have many friends with kids Jude's age, Astrid and started arranging play dates.

We became good friends and began experimenting with crafting and sewing together over the past couple of years.

It's been such a strange and wonderful development these past 17-18 years and I find it so amazing how something that seemed so horrible at the time (having to leave A&M) could end up being the greatest blessing of all!

Jude, Terry, me & Cecilia
My sweet & silly family!

Without that incident, I wouldn't have my husband Terry, neither of my children OR the awesome friendship and business relationship with Astrid!

Thank you so much for taking the time to find out how this portion of the {A}Team came about.

I am so happy to be a part of this and look forward to all of the wonderful blessings to come!


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