Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Easy Peasy Beer Bread Recipe

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I wanted to share a recipe that I finally perfected this past week.
We have made an okay version of this many times,
but after a lot of recipe research,
I think I have got it just right.

You wouldn't think 4 ingredients would be that difficult, right?
And yes, I said FOUR ingredients.
I'm talking insanely easy...
...mostly for us people who like things
that cook simply and taste awesome.
So tell me, does this look awesome?

Easy Beer Bread

What you'll need:

3 cups self-rising flour
1/3 cup sugar
12 oz. beer of your choice
2-3 Tbl. butter/margarine (optional)

How to make:

Prepare a large loaf pan (mine is a 5" x 8") by greasing with cooking spray.
In a large mixing bowl, combine the self-rising flour and the sugar.
Pour in the beer.

We are from Texas.
We don't even drink beer at our home,
but we are Texas-product snobs.
No beer makes better bread than Shiner Bock.
But since it may not be available to all
of you poor souls who don't reside here,
let me just say that different beers
will make the bread taste a little different.
Go for what sounds good to you!

Back to cooking...

Mix the beer into the flour mixture just until it is moistened.
Start with a spoon and then use your hands to finish mixing it up. Just don't over mix it!
It will be sticky, but when it's ready just plop it in your prepared loaf pan and gently pat it out evenly into the pan.
Now you will let the pan of dough sit.
Put it in a warmish place and allow it to rise for 45 mins or so.
This is important to producing a fluffier loaf.
This is something I used to not do.
It looks, feels, and tastes so much better if you don't skip this step.
At some point, while your bread is sitting, preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

After rising time is over, bake for 50-55 minutes.
Now for the butter...this is optional for you, but not in my house.
Melt the butter/margarine about halfway through cooking time,
pull the bread out of the oven, pour the butter evenly over and continue to cook.
When it is done it will have a gorgeous, shiny crust on it
and the butter will have infused all sides of your bread.

Check out that beauty!

Your bread is now ready and can be cut as soon as it's cool enough for you to handle. I used an electric knife for easier cutting, but a serrated knife will work too.

As you can see, I barely managed to get a sliced picture of my loaf before it had all been eaten!

I served this alongside a roast (cooked in the same beer!) and carrots/potatoes.

The best part is that once you buy a 6 pack of beer and a bag of self-rising flour, there's plenty left and since it's so easy, just an excuse to make another loaf!


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PS ~ Astrid here...I will be making this recipe this weekend!

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