Thursday, July 21, 2011

This is why life is worth living.

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Being able to sew brings a smile to my face.
It makes my kids feel special.

Yesterday they had their first dance class.
I had the opportunity to make them each a part of their uniform.

For Ian, his shorts.
This boy LOVED the tap portion of class.

For Sofi & Gabi, the ballet wrap skirts & tulle pompom hair ties.

I had to share with all my new followers.
These babies are MY LIFE.
Aren't they precious?
{SIG}nature Creations


erika w. daisy said...

That is awesome. They look so cute and I bet they will love dance. Plus it will help wear them out for you.

Cathi Long said...

I can't wait to order from the {SIG} dance line in a year or so....So Adorable.

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