Saturday, July 16, 2011

{SIG} Burpie Tutorial

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Want something cute for that baby shower you have to attend?
Why not whip up some custom burpies?

These are super easy to make & don't cost much.

Let's start with your supplies:
~ Gerber 12-Pack Prefold Cloth Diapers ~
{I find these at Walmart or Target}

~ Fabric of your choice, at least 20" long & 7" wide ~

~ Sewing machine & other sewing goodies ~

~ Scissors ~

~ Iron ~

Make sure to iron everything out before you start.
This will help everything lay nicely.
Also, if you are going to do any embroidering,
this is the time to do it.
{you see "A"s on the fabric in this tutorial}

Let's start by folding the diaper in to thirds.
Place your fabric underneath.

Now you are going to cut around the diaper.
I would cut about 1" so you have room for error.

Now that you have your decorative top fabric cut,
let's iron the creases around.
These diapers are typically 18-19" long.
Since I only cover the center piece most times,
the width is normally 6-7".

Let's lay that pretty piece of fabric on top of the diaper.
Make sure it fits well.
You don't want the fabric to go over the edges.
It may take some adjusting while you are sewing it down.

If you would like, pin the fabric down.
{I am anti-pinning, too many broken needles}

Let's sew all the way around the fabric.
I sew as close to the edge as possible.
You can also choose to use a decorative stitch.
The most popular is the zigzag.

Don't forget to backstitch at the beginning and end!
a custom burpie!

Wanna wrap it up pretty.
Use some of the extra fabric you have.
I cut a little slit & then rip the fabric
which makes it fray a bit.

Now, give those pretties to someone special!
And since you purchased a 12 pack,
you have some on standby in a pinch!

Forgot to mention...share photos by hitting that Flickr
button on the left cuz I want to see what you create!
{SIG}nature Creations


Jana M. said...

Love this. Thanks so much for sharing! I'm always looking for that quick lil gift.

Anonymous said...

Love this...seems easy enough for even me;0) Do u have this in PDF style??? U know I am special;0) Now I guess I need an embroidery machine!!! Lol -Suzanne Pate

Astrid said...

Suzanne, unfortunately, this does not come in PDF at this time. I may include this along w/ a receiving blanket tutorial all in one in the future. And no need for embroidery quite yet! I often do not use it. This was a special request :)

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