Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Ramblings...

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You don't realize what you cannot live without until it is broken.
I had no idea how dependent I am on my key pouch.
I bought it 8 or 9 years ago.
Well worth every penny.
I'm serious.
I use it daily.
All my keys & id/cards are in/on it.
I don't leave home without it.
This is my baby.
The chain broke.
I was devastated.
Like, gonna die because my keys
were separated from the cards type of die.
No bueno.

Listen, when you have triplets,
having free hands is an absolute MUST.
Purses are for dressing up.
This key pouch has saved me.
I slip it in my pocket and I have 2 free hands.

So I trek to The Galleria.
Was trying to avoid going.
I even tried to purchase a new one.
But alas, it wouldn't work online.

In to the LV store I went.
The clerk promptly told me they could
fix it on the spot.

Complete and utter joy.

I'm lame, huh?
But I am all better now.

We don't really decorate our home.
No fancy furniture.
No "conversation" pieces.
Many unfinished home improvement projects.
{a story for another post}
All because of 3 beautiful kids.
Nothing nice stands a chance in our home.
At least, not right now.

But the kids artwork?
It is a focal point.
This is one of many walls covered in art.


Since we are focusing on kid driven photos today,
here I am in my daily uniform.
The tank is Mossimo from Target.
I have virtually every color there is.
I wear them every day, without fail.
Even in the Houston's super cold winters.
{haha...insert sarcasm here}
I pair it with shorts or jeans.
I'm boring.
But it works and I'm comfortable.
And, the ponytail is also a daily staple.

I would love to hear about you.
Daily rituals.
Things you can't live without?
{in Astrid speak, that means leave a comment}

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Anonymous said...

A go band in my hair(cuz it is unruly and short) and a Old Navy white "wife beater";0) Not the most PC term but my brother coined the term when I was preggers w/ Lillie Bell!! Where one under everything!! No make up but Clinique yellow moisturizer;0) My face would crack off w/o it! -Suzanne Pate

Langlais Family said...

CHAPSTICK!!! I turn into an absolute beast if I don't have any. I think I may be addicted...

Miranda said...

I would be so at home at your place, kiddy art, jeans, tanks & pony tail... Perfect!

Astrid said...

Miranda...yes, you would! But I think that is why we connected from the beginning. I so wish you lived here in the USA!!!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Pepper, my blow dryer (yes, I really do have to wash and blowdry my hair daily), mineral powder foundation and sunglasses. I can't back my drive my car out of the garage without the latter. :-)

Astrid said...

That is too funny...I really can't live w/o my sunglasses either. It has always been a bad thing not have them on.

Nicole said...

Can't live without... hmm.. my laptop! lol coffee, pony tail holders and coffee! oh, did I already say that!?! ;)

I wear what you wear daily! Even the pony tail! which I need to try not to because I have a permanent wave from the pony tail holder now when it's down. But in OK, with temps 100+ I gotta wear something cool and keep the hair from plastering to my face!

Our house sounds like yours too, nothing nice until our daughter gets a little older, but that's fine! not like what we have is trashy but it's comfortable and kid friendly. :)

oh, and our hallway is her 'gallery' lol

Astrid said...

Ah yes, I cannot live w/o my java every morning. I can't wait for it to cool down again so I can enjoy it even more.

Nicole said...

Fraps!! I make my own at home, so now I can still have my coffee, but only yummier and cooler! Gotta love Google, they have some great recipes.

Astrid said...

Share, share! I love me some fraps!

Nicole said...

I sent you an email! Hope you can understand it. lol Enjoy!

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