Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday Ramblings...

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I'm late but in all fairness, Monday was a holiday.
I know, not much of an excuse but I wanted to post
Patriotic photos instead of something about me.

I am in love with all that is Louis Vuitton.
These purses make me drool.
I could look at them for hours.
I think it is because they are so classy & timeless.

Know this about me, I only carry 1 purse.
I hate to switch.
So, I can justify the cost that way.
Seriously. I carried my last LV for 10 years!

And, not to mention, I never pay for new ones.
How? I have found some reputable 2nd hand dealers.
They are certified & the whole bit.
Never gotten a fake.
Course, I put in hours of research & it takes me about 6 months to find the right purse but it is all worth it in the end.

The bag above was my latest find.
A Speedy 30, probably the most iconic piece LV has ever made.
TIMELESS & gorgeous.
(and btw, it is ok that the LVs are upside down, not a sign that it is a fake, on the contrary, very real since Speedies are made from 1 cut of fabric)

I've got my eye out on a Neverfull MM.
We'll see if the right one finds its way to my home.

Who doesn't love this British nanny!?!
She has helped us work through so many
parenting issues with the triplets.
It is great that she is so kind yet so forthright with information.
Love her approach & we have seen her
time out technique work wonders.
No joke.

In a house that has three 3-year-olds, her expertise is invaluable.
If you haven't taken a chance to watch her, I highly recommend it.

This lovely flag is where I am originally from.
Ok, not the flag, the country it represents.

Buenos Aires, the capitol, to be exact.
Well, right outside of the capitol.
In a suburb called San Isidro.

The history there is amazing.
I hope to one day take the triplets.
And yes, this means I am fluent in Spanish.

Be watching for an Argentine recipe to be shared later this week.

That's it for now.
Have a wonderful day!


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Linda said...

That's cool that you're from Argentina! My BIL has visited there & says it's a gorgeous country with amazing food & culture! I always thought you were Nordic, though, because of your first name. I always think of you whenever we watch "How to Train Your Dragon" because of the Astrid character.

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