Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday Ramblings...

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You know it is embarrassing when
you don't have internet on your phone.
Well, because I run my business on the internet.
I just haven't been able to justify the cost of the media package
for my good ol' Crackberry (which I got for free for blogging).

But now, it is imminent.
I am very serious.
When you go to a meeting full of moms of multiples and
everyone is asking to see your website but...

you have to BORROW an iPhone.
{insert really red cheeks here}

This should be a clue.
So instead of an Android phone, why not a tablet?
T-Mobile has this one...

And I want it.
Business expense?
Now I have to decide which is more important.
The tablet or new furniture for the workroom?

A dear friend gave me this sign.
It was a surprise.
And I try to live by this every day.
As a matter of fact, it hangs in my workspace.
To remind me.
Thank you Adrienne!

Love my B&D.
In the summer heat, this beats having to put the oven on.
I haven't baked in it but it is perfect for french fries, nuggets,
garlic toast, & many other things that
taste better baked instead of nuked.

This is what you get to wake up to after a really bad storm
rolls through with massive lightning/thunder and some
very serious winds, a huge tree limb in the backyard.

Just another mess to clean up.
But I really can't complain because we got a good rain
out of the deal and with the massive drought we are experiencing,
we will take anything that comes with rain.

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