Friday, July 22, 2011

?? Friday Five ??

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I thought this would be a good idea.
Friday Five.
Five questions for me to answer.
Or Andrea...or the whole crew.

If you have a question, please leave it in the comments.
I'll pick another 5 for next Friday.

How do you have time for sewing with 3 little ones?
{Stephanie B.}

Well, sewing time is broken in to tiny increments.
I get 5 minutes here, 5 minutes there.
If I'm lucky, I'll get a good tv show to catch their attention
and then have a little block of sewing time.
I find that I do most of my online stuff (emails, FB, etc.) while
they are awake because it can be interrupted easily.
When the kids go down for nap and bedtime, I start my heavy sewing.
Oh, Mondays & Thursdays, they go to their grandparents for the morning.
That helps because I get uninterrupted sewing time!

How did you learn to sew and how long have you been doing it?
{Rachel W.}

I have known how to sew for a very long time.
My grandmother taught me.
I use to use her machine for little projects.
And then, I forgot almost all about it. Sad.
I did a couple of projects like curtains & what not,
but never really ventured in to clothing.
But when I became a SAHM, I needed a creative outlet.
I also wanted the kids to have cute clothes.
And not pay the outrageous amount I would have to
in order to outfit three kids at the same time.
So I picked up my Target Singer special & started again.
Since then, it has been a landslide of projects & what not.
I am a creative driven person. It has always been that way.

How do you handle all the odds and ends of a
fast growing business while running a household?

{Kristi L.}

Hmmm, truth be told...
I do have someone come in once a month to clean.
Otherwise, cleaning occurs on a daily basis.
Seriously, I sweep the floor about 4 times a day.
That is the only way to keep up with the mess.

I am also fortunate to have a husband that does kitchen duty.
This is after I do the cooking though.
And during the week, only after dinner.
On the weekend, he helps quite a bit.

For the laundry, I gotta say, I scored BIG with my inlaws.
My MIL loves to do laundry.
Like, really, really loves.
So the kids' clothes is done by her.
Our stuff gets done when it gets done.
The advantage to having a month supply of undies.

And we do pay a guy to cut the grass every other week.
I use to love to do it.
But since I can't hear the kids while I'm out there mowing,
I prefer not to do it right now.
I do plan on doing it next year & us saving the money.

What is your daily schedule like
when it comes to balancing your kids, household and SEWING?

{Ami S.}

The kids have just started waking up later so the schedule
has shifted a bit but I still have them napping as well.

Wake up time is around 7-7:30.
Breakfast soon follows.
When everyone is healthy, we go outside after breakfast.
After running around for a while, we cool down & watch TV.
This is when I get to sit down & start getting my sewing together.
Sometimes we run errands right after breakfast.
And on Wednesdays, the kids have dance.
We do lots of coloring & painting as well as reading.
Then it is time for lunch around 1pm.
Down for naps from about 1:45 to 3:30.
Lots of time to sew & do house stuff.
Then they are up and because they wake up somewhat grumpy,
I put the tv on for them to kind of wake up.
And there are days we get right in the car to do errands.
Daddy comes home around 4:45 and really watches the kids.
I cook and do sewing/business duties.
6:30-7ish is dinner.
8pm is bedtime!

Where do you get your sense of style?
{Suzanne P.}

Um, me?
I'm not sure that I have any, haha!
What I do like is seeing fabrics together that contrast
and pull colors out of the fabric they are paired with.
Also, the fabric talks to me.
No joke.
I've been dubbed "The Fabric Whisperer".
I just lay the fabric down in front of me,
move it around, layer it, play with it.
Then when my eye sees what I want, I stop.

My favorite fabrics are those that have punches of color.
I'm a total retro fan as well.
And let's not forget my love of all that is skulls when it comes to cotton prints.
Gritty designs.
Skater inspired or rock inspired.
But then there are the softer fabrics.
Those vintage pastels...gotta love me some of that.


Polka dots.
I don't know why there is a fascination with polka dots but there is.

Thank you to all that asked questions!
I look forward to the comments left here
so I can pick out more for next week.
Don't be afraid to ask what is on your mind!

{SIG}nature Creations

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