Wednesday, June 20, 2012

DIY Scrappy Flip Flops

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Scraps of fabric drive me nuts.
They really do.
There just isn't much you can do,
or maybe there.

Today's tutorial is similar to the Scrappy Heart Wreath
tutorial I posted back in January.
You are just going to use a different "base".

It doesn't take long to make a pair.
I made 3 in a matter of about an hour.
This is great for gift giving or for yourself.
You could even do this as a craft at
a birthday party or with your kids.

There isn't a whole lot you will need.
And it won't cost you much,
especially if you use a coupon to Hobby Lobby.
{i get mine on the phone and show it to the cashier
but you can also print it out HERE}

The flip flops cost me all of $0.98.
The scraps I used...FREE.
Can't beat a cute pair of flip flops
for less than a dollar and sure to be one of a kind!

~ 1 pair of flip flops (I recommend Hobby Lobby
but you can always go to Old Navy or Target)
~ About 1/3 yd of fabric (if you are doing 1 fabric choice)
~ Scissors or pinking shears
~ Your hands :)

Cut your fabric in to 1" strips.
You can either cut it with straight scissors or pinking shears.
I used the pinking shears to give it dimension.
Then cut the 1" strip in to about 7"-8" pieces.
To give you an idea of how many I used for the girls'
flip flops, I tied about 20 pieces on each shoe, 40 total.

Starting in the center, tie your first strip of fabric on.
Make sure you pull tight!

Tie in to a knot.
Again, make sure it is tight.
This should be good enough to keep
the fabric on there for good!

Continue to add pieces on.
Make sure they are close together.
You can alternate fabrics or use the same one
over and over again, depends on you!

Sofi picked out her fabric and these are her finished flip flops.

Now that is a HAPPY girl!
She hasn't taken them off yet.
{don't mind the band aide on her forehead}

And I couldn't stop at one pair.
I had to make some for Miss Gabi too.
She picked out the green flip flops
and wanted pink fabric but I had to throw
in another choice just to make it go better.
Eh, she loves them just the same.

The pair below...those are going to be given away tomorrow.
Size medium!
I love the light blue and the green together.
Want to keep them for myself but I want to share the love.

There are a million things you can put in the center
of these flip flops like a fabric bloom or bow.
Maybe I'll have to show you some embellishments
later this week or next week.

A big THANK YOU to Skye Reve Fabrics 
for sponsoring the tutorial today.
All the lovely fabrics shown were provided by Natasha.

She is a great gal and great to work with.
If you are looking for fabric, check her out!

And please, stop by our Facebook Fan Page.
Show us what you made from this tutorial!

Don't forget, come back tomorrow to win a pair!
Happy Wednesday Peeps!

{SIG}nature Creations


Linda said...

Those are so cute! Very creative!

erdaisy08 said...

Super cute. Another idea for cutting would be to change out the blade on your rotary cutter and use the rippled blade it will give the fabric a wavy edge

Astrid said...

Erika, great suggestion!

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