Thursday, January 19, 2012

Valentine's Scrappy Heart Wreath Tutorial

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I said I was going to make it over the weekend.
Then I realized that meant I would have to take more stuff with me.
So I "scrapped" that idea and decided it would be best to do it at home.

And I was able to watch The Bachelor while I did it.
Don't you dare make fun of me and my Bachelor addiction.
Once I did the first one, the second only took about 40 minutes.

So here we go!
This is easy peasy.

 ~About 1 yard of scrappies ~
{I mixed cotton prints & denim together}
~ Heart shaped wire wreath ~
{I purchased the heart shaped wreath from Hobby Lobby for $2.49}
~ Pinking Shears ~
~ Rotary Cutter & Mat ~

Each photo has the instructions for the steps.
Click on the pic and it will get bigger.
But, just in case, I'll write out the steps just the same.

You will cut your fabric in to 1.25" x 7" strips.
I used my rotary cutter for some of this BUT,
I also used my pinking shears to add a bit of "flava".

Time to tie the strips of fabric on!
I only tied it once, no knot.
And I didn't go in any specific order.
I just randomly picked a strip.

Notice the heart is split in to sections.
I did one section at a time.
It was easier that way.

About 45 minutes later, this is what I got!
You will have to fluff it a bit.
But isn't it adorable!?!
And so easy to do, just like I said.

These 2 wreaths are for my kids' teachers.
I figure they would appreciate something like this more
than the mug full of special chocolate treats.
As a former teacher, I speak from experience!

Now, I would LOVE to see what type of wreaths you come up with.
And it doesn't have to be a heart shape, or for Valentine's.
As a matter of fact, I want to make one for St. Patrick's Day.
And the 4th of July.
Shoot, go ahead and add Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas to the list.

An easy way to decorate!
Go on, have fun!

{SIG}nature Creations

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