Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Confessions of a Bachelorette Addict

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Well, I am a reality tv junkie.
I admit it.
I have a serious problem.
Honestly, it almost doesn't matter what the subject matter is,
so long as it is reality tv...I'm hooked.

Ok, not so completely true.
I do have a few shows I must see.
Like from beginning to end.

But with the triplets around, I never see it
during prime time hours which is fine with me.
That means I can watch it while I sew.

So, this brings me to the show of the moment.

I love Emily.
Ok, at first, when she was on Brad's show,
I wasn't so hot for her.
I thought she was a "fake".

Turns out, she really isn't.
She is just a good Southern girl lookin' for love Dolly Parton style.
And I like that.

I love how she is all about her daughter.
How this show, although about her finding love,
is also about giving her daughter some experiences
she may not otherwise have.

So, bravo Emily!
Now, let's get on to the men.
I've got a couple of faves.
In this order...

Arie... be-still my heart...

My Lord...I'm in love with this kid.
I think they are perfect for each other.
Maybe it is the Dutch in me but he's just got the whole package.
{and yes, I have heard of a horrible spoiler...don't tell me}

Then there is Jef.

Yeah, he and Arie...they are tied.
It all started with him coming in on a skateboard.
Doesn't get any better than that.
And he is SOOOOOO not stuck on him self like the others.
Kind heart and not an evil bone in this man's body.

But then we have the one I really don't like...

Oh Ryan, Mr. Jock-I-think-I-am-God's-gift-to-women...

And realllllllly?
Emily, you still have him around?
Is it his cockiness and over abundant confidence?
Pray tell.
I just hope he isn't the next Bachelor.
Cuz I just might not watch.
don't believe a word i say, of course i would watch

Now, there are a few good in between guys.

Doug, Sean, and Chris

I've liked Doug from the beginning.
Part of him seems too good to be true.
And the chemistry isn't there like it is with Arie.
But I think he is yummy and I love how much he loves his son.

Gotta cheer for a fellow Texan!
And this guy seems pretty genuine.
I think this past episode really showed something
good happening between him and Emily.
BUT...he's not my type.

She thought he was the most good looking on there.
Um, I would disagree but he is still super sweet on the eyes.
And he has a great personality.
And he is caring.
But is Emily already in love with someone else?

These are the guys I think will make it past the next cut.
AND BRAVO EMILY...thank you for kicking off Kalon.
Bad attitude, wrong reasons to be on the show.
Which brings me to ask...why does Houston throw
out some of the worst "socialites" on this show?
{for those that don't remember, Erica Rose...on the prince season}

Ah, from one fellow Houstonian to another,
Kalon please get your act together and
find the inner Southern gentleman
that you were raised to be.

So, there you have it.
My thoughts thus far on this season.
Debated sharing but then I said,
"It's my blog, hehe...I'll share if I want to."

Hopefully it is mildly entertaining.
Happy Wednesday Peeps!

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Kari said...

I think I could have written this entry myself! And yes, I now know the spoiler and I'm not happy...

Astrid said...

I don't want to believe it so I am going to play stupid. Would have never known if a friend hadn't said something...grrrrrrrrr!

Linda said...

I'm also a reality tv addict & I love this season with Emily! I like Sean & Jeff the best, though, and I have no clue about any spoiler.

Astrid said...

Linda, don't worry...I won't say anything of what I have heard. I think I'll be posting weekly about Miss Emily!


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