Friday, June 1, 2012

Oy Vey...Facebook's New "Promote a Post"

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Well, I didn't think I would post about it.
But I am.
 Because I am frustrated.
Because I am losing business.
Because I can only do so much in advertising as a small business.

Now, let me tell you something about {SIG}.
I have worked so hard to build it.
I realized with the triplets, I wanted to stay home but also have earning potential.

And I knew I could never afford the cute clothes for the kids
that I wanted them to wear without making it myself.

It has been 4 years since I started.
2.5 years of actually sewing clothes.
Almost 2 years since we have had a Facebook fan page.
1 year that {SIG} has been an official tax paying company.

Through that time, I have worked my BUTT off to get what I have.
Couldn't have done it for the past 15 months without my sidekick, Andrea.
She is just as invested in to {SIG} as I am.
My partner in sewing crime.

Both Andrea and I have worked HARD to get as many fans as we can on FB.
We wanted to "interact" with our customers.
Not just sell items through FB.
But to let people get to know us.

And now it has changed.
I know {SIG} isn't the only small company taking the hit.
We use to have so much interaction.
I know we reached many more of our fans before.

Now, with the "changes", we are losing our face time with our fans.
They say the posts reach the same amount of people.
I don't believe it for a minute.

Now they want us to PAY to reach our fans.

How is this fair?
I would have to at least $15 to ensure all my fans saw my post.

As much as I post on the wall,
the numbers add up quickly.
Let's just say I post 10 times a day.
That is $150 per day.

Sorry, Mark...I don't have that kind of money.
Must be nice to be worth $11 BILLION because that would
just be chump change for you.

These changes are slowing driving a knife through {SIG}'s beating heart.
It makes me sad to think I have to start all over again.
I am my own advertising exec, CEO, photographer, money manager,
marketing director, secretary, seamstress, and house cleaning.
Let's add mommy to four year old triplets and wife.

Mark, listen to those of us that are outraged.
Stop this nonsense.
Return Facebook back to the way we all loved so dearly!
What made Facebook become the single most
successful business to date WITHOUT making
Peter, Paul, and Mary pay out the waazoo to post
to our wonderful fans, family, and friends.

Get your head out of your rear end.
Facebook will end up becoming obsolete just
like MySpace has become.
Someone will come up with a free social site
and steal everyone away.
Get smart, my dear Mark.

For those interested in keeping up with us,
please stay active on our page by liking or commenting.
Sign up for our newsletter which will start going out weekly.
Follow the blog as I continue to make it grow.

Most importantly,
know we are still in business and not going anywhere!

Now, I get off my soap box.
Haven't felt this passionate about a topic in quite some time.
Happy Friday Peeps!

{SIG}nature Creations


mountainmomma said...

It sucks, but I had a feeling this or something similar would happen when the took the company public.

I would bet that it won't be long until you'll only have a basic free FB account and you'll have to pay for a premium membership to have access to things like the games, the photo albums and groups. When that happens, I am done. I'm real close to being done as it is.

Jennie P. said...

I haven't liked facebook for probably a year now. I feel your pain, that truly sucks. I pretty much stopped using it because it seemed they changed things every week or so. Who wants to take the time to learn all the new things they implement. What really completely turned me off was the timeline. I just didn't like it, I found it too "much." Why can't things just be clear and simple. Why do they have to make it so fancy that it's impossible to use. I just gave up. I'm really sorry it's affecting your business. For me it was just an inconvenience, for you it's a loss. I just wish they'd listen to complaints, but I fear it will only get worse from here.

Astrid said...

Thank you, ladies, for your comment! This is very frustrating but I know we are strong enough to figure our way around this mess. It is finally forcing me to buckle down & get a domain name as well as venture in to some other ideas we have been wanting to try but never have. Excited about it but sad that the interaction on FB is not like it use to be. I love talking to our customers & getting to know them!


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