Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Bachelorette Recap

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Ah, I am very proud today.
After watching The Bachelorette,
I am happy to say I am proud of Emily thus far.

My favorite guys are still in the running.
BUT, I know that Arie's time is running out.
Thanks to the previews for next week.

GEEZ...could he have said SOMETHING?!?
Let me just get off that soap box cuz honestly,
I'll hunt him down for myself.
please don't tell my hubs...oops...reality tv crushes

Ok, forget who she kept.
Let's talk about who Emily sent packing.

Sorry, the cockiness just wasn't attractive, period.
And what is up with that wife beater?
A little too trendy for my taste.

Was I the only one that couldn't believe he was still trying
to talk her out of his decision?
OHHHH...and what about his taxi ride?
Don't make him look arrogant?
Seriously dude, you did that on your own.

Let's not forget Travis.

What a sweetie!
I mean, for real...why did it take so long for him to get some screen time?
Totally fell for him.
Wish he were still here.
Mwah...Travis, you will be missed.

And for the boys that are still here.

Sean, Jef, Arie, Doug, John and Chris.

Wishing for Arie to be around.
Loving that Jef is finally getting a bit agressive.
Thinking Sean busted that log when he threw it and that is sexy.
Hoping Doug grows a bit of a bad streak cuz he's hot.
Feeling wishy-washy about Chris.
Admiring John for sharing that he carries his
grandparents obituary in his wallet.

So who is next?
I honestly want to freeze time.
I don't want the one person I love to leave.

Wait, who is the Bachelorette here?
Me or Emily?
Guess I need to leave the final decision to her. 

BOO...is it Monday yet?
{SIG}nature Creations


Samantha said...

No, Arie is going to stay till the end. They always make it look dramatic. She is totally into him. Last week, they showed previews for the whole season, and Arie was totally there.

My favorite, Doug, was not though. Doesn't he look like Ryan Reynolds? So hot!

Linda said...

You put a lot of thought into this! :) It's my guilty pleasure too. I'm rooting for Sean, though. He's not my type (blonde & all) but he's so sweet & manly at the same time.

Astrid said...

Totally love Doug...I have been a fan of his from the beginning. And I hope you are right about Arie! I would be sooooooo happy!

Astrid said...

Linda...I agree. I am a fan of Sean. He is a hotty! Seriously very hot and very sweet. AND, he is from Texas so I have to root for him.

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