Friday, June 29, 2012

Fridge Magnet Cups to the Rescue

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Someone must have heard my desperate pleas.
My trio has been for the past couple
of months with all the water and milk requests.

We tried setting cups out for them but they would
get misplaced or taken around the house.
Not so go.

We tried filling up their milk cups and setting them
in the fridge for easy access but eventually those cups are emptied.

When you are dealing with 4 year olds trying to exert independence
but still needing Mommy what seems like every other second,
it can drive a parent crazy...TIMES THREE.

So here I was getting super frustrated with all the refreshment requests.
Up to *here*...totally done.
Not knowing what to do to relieve the constant requests.

And then I stumbled across THIS post by Dana.


Someone heard my desperate pleas!
Prayers were answered!

Cups with magnets.
It's that simple.
Just stick those babies on the fridge!

I was so stinkin' excited.
So much so, that the very next day, I made it an event with the kids.
We went to Hobby Lobby and got our magnets.
Then to Target where I let them pick out the cup they wanted.

{yep, bought extra magnets and glad I did...
Ian loves playing with them}

It's that ownership thing, right?
If they think it is theirs, they will use it.
Or so I hope!

The process was easy.
Just make sure you have a high temp hot glue gun.
And when you glue the magnets on the cup,
you may want to score where the magnet
will go or after the initial placement,
go back and put another round of
glue all the way around the magnet.
I think a combination of the 2 would be best
otherwise the glue will eventually come right off.

As suggested by Dana, I put 2 magnets per cup.

Isn't that the coolest thing ever?

The kids absolutely LOVE their magnet cups.
Dana & her friend, THANK YOU for saving my sanity.
This is such a great idea!

And my kids are doing wonderfully using them.
They drink their water and put their cups right back
on the fridge where they belong, I don't even have to ask!

Happy Friday Peeps!

{SIG}nature Creations

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