Thursday, June 14, 2012

Chalkboard Placemat Tutorial

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I've been wanting to do a placemat tutorial for a while.
Problem is we don't use placemats.
Not now anyway.
Not with the three monsters.
But maybe again in the future.

So, that proved to be a dilemma...
or not as it turns out.
Because who knew there was CHALKBOARD fabric?

Um, I didn't.
But I'm hear to tell you it is a true fact.
And does work!

To fulfill my need for placemats,
why not combine the two?
placemats + chalkboard fabric = fun for kids

Sounds like a fantabulous plan to me!

~ Chalkboard Fabric (purchase locally at Joann's) - as much as you
need to make as many as you would like but at least a piece that is 14" x 19".
~ Oil Cloth fabric (purchase locally at Joann's or you can find some cheap
stuff on - purchase at least a 16" x 21" piece, giving the
chalkboard fabric a 1" border to make our placemat have a pretty edge.
~ Spray Adhesive (not absolutely necessary but will make life easier)
~ Chalk
~ Sewing notions

First, you are going to want to cut your chalkboard fabric in to a piece that
is 14" x 19" or what ever size you prefer, maybe a little smaller.
Once you do that, spray your adhesive on
to the back of the chalkboard fabric.
Lay that piece on the oil cloth, leaving at
least a 1" border all the way around it.
This should adhere your chalkboard fabric to your oil cloth.

If your oil cloth is much larger than the chalkboard fabric,
go around and trim so that there is a 1" border.

This is where things get a little tricky.
You cannot use any pins as it will leave a permanent hole.
Fold over your corner as pictured.

Fold over again so it is diagonally across the corner of
your chalkboard fabric and use a piece of tape to hold in place.

Fold the 1" border to the chalkboard fabric and then
again over the chalkboard fabric.
This is going to create a nice border of oil cloth
all the way around giving your placemat a framed look.

Doing the best you can (this stuff is slippery),
go to your sewing machine and continue to roll the border
over the chalkboard fabric until you get to the opposite corner.
BUT WAIT...before you sew all the way down,
you will need to repeat folding the corner piece.

See how nice the corner will look?
Now, just like you did to start the border,
go ahead and fold the oil cloth to the chalkboard fabric,
and then again over the chalkboard fabric.
**An easier way is to just use bias tape but it will get
really dirty after your kids start writing.**

This is what it should look like finished!

See how cute the other side is?

You have to treat the chalkboard fabric before you write on it.
Taking a white piece of chalk,
color the entire piece and then wipe off.
Should be ready for kids' drawings!

Yep, had to make a manly one for my son.
He is going to be so excited!
Well, all 3 kids will be.
I can't wait for them to get home to see!

Now, make sure you share your creations with us!
I want to see what you come up with.
Happy chalkboard sewing!!!!

{SIG}nature Creations


Gayle said...

Super cute! I hope to try it soon.

Astrid said...

Thanks Gayle! Enjoy it!


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