Thursday, June 21, 2012

Scrappy Flip Flop GIVEAWAY

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Seems like I have goodies to give away after every tutorial.
Not a bad thing.
Cuz I can't keep it all.

Mr. SIG wouldn't be happy.
I already have cluttered up the "dining room".
eh hem...took it over and it is now my office
So I gotta keep moving this stuff out!

If you didn't catch the tutorial on how
to make your own scrappy flip flops,
make sure to check it out HERE.

And if you aren't a DIY'er,
then here is your chance to win these pretties!

Love the color combo on these.
Glad that Skye Reve sent us this fabric and sponsored our tutorial!
Here are the deets to these size MEDIUM
(they fit up to a 8-9 cuz I'm about an 8.5).

You will have through Saturday, June 23rd at midnight, to enter.
Please leave only 1 comment for the following...

1)  LIKE {SIG} on Facebook and leave us some love on the wall.
2) Make sure you are following the BLOG.  The more traffic
we get, the more goodies we can give away!
3) Subscribe to our newsletter (which reminds me...gotta write one).

You have to complete all 3 for your one entry!
And for a bonus entry...yep, an extra one...

** Leave some {SIG} love on Skye Reve Fabric's Facebook page,
leave a comment saying that you did!!!**

That is 2 entries.
And you win some great scrappy flip flops.
For the beach.
Around the house.
To go to the pool.

What ever floats your boat!
Chuckin' duces peeps!!!

{SIG}nature Creations


Sarah aka Booty-rific said...

Done!!! And those flops are my size!

Sarah aka Booty-rific said...

And I "liked" and left some love on the other site!

erdaisy08 said...

I already do the first requirements. Love,the color combo

erdaisy08 said...

Left some love on skyes fb page

Phyllis said...

I like SIG on facebook and left a comment.
I subscribe to the newsletter.
Left some love on Skye Reve's fb page.

Phyllis said...

Oops..for second entry I left some love on Skye Reve's fb page.

Shannau said...

Perfect size!! And LOVE the fabrics! AAF on FB, already a GFC follower, and already a blog subscriber!
shanna.u at gmail dot com

Shannau said...

Left SIG love over at Skye Reeve's FB page!
shanna.u at gmail dot com

kingk1002 said...

I would love those flip flops....but not any more than I love SIGnature Creations!

Lisa said...

Super cute! I have done all 3!

Lisa said...

Left some love on Skeye Reve's FB page!

Linda said...

I love these! I liked your FB page & left some love.

Linda said...

I also subscribe to your blog & newsletter. Thanks!

Linda said...

I also liked Skye Reve Fabrics' FB page & left some love too. Thanks!

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