Monday, June 4, 2012

D-Ring Adjustable Ribbon Belt Tutorial

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When my kids were younger,
I had a HARD TIME finding belts for them.
I know everything has an adjustable waist these days
but nothing can replace a cute belt.

What I love about the ribbon belts is that they are reversible.
You get 2 colors on a belt at one go!
Can't beat that.

And the best part, you can make a ton for CHEAP!
We all like cheap.
Should also only take a few minutes to make.
Great, easy project!

~ 7/8" Grossgrain Ribbon - 1 yd of each color
{I recommend Offray, you can purchase at Joann's or Walmart.}
~ 2 1" D-rings
~ Stitch Witchery
~ Iron/Ironing Board
~ Sewing machine & notions
~ Lighter

Cut your 2 ribbons from about 24"-28" long.
For youth sizes, you may want to go as long as 30"-34".
Using a lighter, burn the edges to seal them shut
otherwise they will fray.

Lay out the ribbon on your ironing board.
Cut the stitch witchery to the same length as your ribbon.
Lay on top of one ribbon.

Place the 2nd ribbon on top of the first one,
covering the stitch witchery and iron.

Following as close to the edge as possible,
top stitch all the way around.
Now, this step isn't absolutely necessary with the
stitch witchery but I like the look of contrasting thread.

After I sew, I like to retrim the ends so they are even.

Slip on your 2 d-rings.

Cut a small piece of stitch witchery.
Fold over the ribbon about 2".

Iron the ribbon down.
Stitch witchery is a great notion to have laying around!

Go back to your sewing machine.
Stitch together your "loop" although the stitch witchery
is holding it down and in place.
I like to stitch a rectangle and then cross with an "X".
This will reinforce your loop.

And there you have it!
All done.
A super cute belt, one happy kid, and a momma that
didn't have to spend $10 to get a belt!

There are so many cute, printed ribbons as well.
You can make them for every season!
I know I have some cute patriotic ribbon
that would make for a super cute belt.

Show us your finished product on Facebook!
We love to see what you do.
Happy Monday Peeps!
{SIG}nature Creations


Alisha @ Crafty Brooklyn Army Wife said...

Great tutorial!! TFS!! Stopping by from Thirty Handmade Days linky party.

Here is what I shared:

Astrid said...

Thanks Alisha! Enjoy & off to check out yours!


Sarah Jenkins said...

This is great! I think my husband needs one! haha I’d love for you to share this project on Tuesday’s Tidbits @ Naptime Delights:
Thanks so much!

Astrid said...

Hi Sarah! Thanks so much! I went ahead & shared my Father's Day Subway Art since it is this weekend but will link up again next Tuesday!


Thomas Stok said...

I like the article on belts. Did you try teflon D-Rings than that of stainless steel. maybe you can visit our site Darcoid for more info on getting Plastic d-seals for your application

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