Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Bachelorette Recap Week 7

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Oh, have you ever had one of those weeks?
You know the kind that NOTHING goes right?
Yep, it is one of those weeks for me.

One thing you will learn about me as you get to know me,
I am NOT a complainer.
I normally suck it up and keep on truckin'.

That's the way I was raised.
Nothing gets in my way.
Well...except for 3 4-year-olds constantly demanding
my attention and needing constant activities.

Geez, I could really write a whole different post about that.

There are always highlights to my week.
As you know, I am a Bachelorette junkie.
Reality tv junkie.
{totally looking forward to the new Big Brother starting on July 12th}

Bachelorette...Emily...ah, it is starting to really get interesting.
After all, she is now down to the Final Four.
The ones she is going to meet their families.

Should have been 3 in my opinion.
Let's get to it...

Emily took the boys to Prague this week.
What a gorgeous place!
I would like to visit for sure.

And I love that her dates aren't really all jazzed up.
She really likes to play the "tourist" role.

Emily's one on ones were John, Arie, and Jef.
Needless to say, the chemistry was flying between the latter two.

I was glad to see that Arie and Emily worked out the issue
and we get to see another week of him, meeting his family as well.

Then there is the sweet Jef.
Could he not be any cuter?
Seriously...even a little sexy.
And the whole marionette scene was my favorite of the night.

He may very well have slid in to first place in my heart!

Then we have John.
Can you say, "No sparks"?
Because that is what it is...there are no sparks flying between him and Emily.

Thankfully Emily axed him at the rose ceremony.

That leaves the group date.
Chris, Sean, and Doug.
And what a date that turned out to be.
Ended up being one of those 2 on 1's that Emily loves so much.

Oh sweet Doug.
Mr. Good Guy.
Mr. Old Fashion Values.
Mr. I-didn't-kiss-her-until-it-was-much-too-late.

And so you were told goodbye before the end of the date was over.
So sad...really.
I feel for him.
He really is just one of those genuine nice guys.
that finishes last, oops

Then we have Mr. Problem Child.
What in the world is Chris' problem?
And doesn't this face say it all?

Let's see.
You signed up for a show where you would share the girl.
What part of that don't you get?
That means less time with her.
That means you need to pull an Arie or a Sean and go look for her.

This does not mean whine and be icky to other people.
And honestly, I don't think you should have gotten a hometown date.
I think Miss Emily should have stuck with the 3 big guns.

Which leads me to my prediction.
I think Chris is next.
Do you?

Guess we will have to wait until next Monday.
{or in my case, Tuesday, since I rarely get to watch anything prime time}

Happy Wednesday Peeps!

PS ~ Who watched Craft Wars?
Did you like it?

PPS ~ My computer has decided to be temperamental.
If you don't hear from me, you know why.

{SIG}nature Creations


Samantha said...

Okay, what is with Jef's hair??? It sooo bothers me! He would be much cuter with it cut.

I think she will end up with Arie. I don't like him at all. He's a big dork! I think she should go for Sean. Super hot!

I was sad to see Doug go. But, there was no chemistry. Poor Doug!

Astrid said...

Yeah, Jef's hair...hmmm...reminds me of a Something about Mary moment, lol!

Arie was my fave but not so much anymore. Don't know why, can't put my finger on it quite yet.

And poor, poor Doug! I feel so bad for him!

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