Monday, July 2, 2012

DIY Shirt in to Upcycle Tunic Dress

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It's all the rage, upcycling.
It all started with taking old shirts and repurposing them
in to really cool dresses for kids.

You know, like your favorite concert tee from the 80's.
Yeah, why not make it in to something for your little?
Or how about one of those old college tees?
Hmmm, favorite sports team tee that has a hole?

You get my point.
Since then, the trend has changed a bit.
Upcyclers are now searching out all types of tees, old and new.

There is just one tiny problem.
Can you say...EXPENSIVE?
Don't get me wrong, the dresses and shirts I have purchased
are well worth every penny at least i think so, Mr. SIG says it is debatable.

I also love to support another triplet momma
in her creative adventures.
So here is my shout out to Upcycle Me Crazy (but we call it UMC).
Tiffany is mad talented and I always LOVE her combo of knits!

If you don't sew, I highly recommend Tiffany.
If you do sew, let's get to it!

~ T-shirt (one that fits your daughter or 1 size larger for a baggier look)
~ 1/4 yard of 2 choices of jersey knit fabric
~ SERGER - If you don't have one, borrow one!
This is the only way to make these dresses.
~ Paper and writing utensil

Old Navy always seems to have a good collection of shirts on sale.
These shirts are size 6, the size my girls wear for shirts.
Purchased those for $7/ea.

I picked up my really cute jersey knit fabric at Hancock Fabrics.
It is a lighter weight but I like it since we live in Houston.
For all 4 prints, 1/4 yard, I paid $13.

$27 total BUT so you know, I had PLENTY
of knit fabric left over, enough to make TWO more dresses!

Fold you shirt in half.

Lay a piece of paper with the edge lining up to the fold.

This is a tunic style dress, so I just continued the line
down from the shirt at a slight angle.
Make sure you measure how long that line is.
{the length will vary for size, mine was 3.75" long for a size 5/6}
Now, using the same line length,
go to the edge of the paper and measure down that far.
Again, I used 3.75" so that is where I placed my mark.
Now you will connect that spot to the diagonal line on the left.
That is your curved line at the bottom.
{geez, i hope that made sense, easier to actually do than write}
This will be your top layer.

Now, continue the diagonal line down.
This time, my line measured to 3.5".

{notice the .25" difference...on purpose, i recommend it
so the layers fall even on one another...didn't realize that
on the first dress but made the adjustment on the 2nd one}

From the bottom of the first layer,
I measured down 3.5".
Then I created my curved line once again.

I really like the layered look so what I did
was retrace the second layer on to another piece of paper.
This will weigh down the dress a bit more but not too bad.

Go to your cutting table/area.
Cut the bottom of the shirt off.
I did this right at the folded seam.
Sometimes these shirts are really long so you could cut higher.

Time to trace those pattern pieces!
Notice I put the edge on the FOLD of the knit fabric?
Make sure you do the same.
You need 2 of each pattern piece.

Time to hit the serger, baby!
Place pieces right side facing.
Serge the sides of the 2 matching pieces.
This will create a loop of fabric.
The top will be more narrow than the bottom.

Repeat with the other 2 pieces.

Now you are going to roll  hem the bottom of each looped piece.
I actually changed out my top and bottom looping threads
and used pink so that it would pop against the fabric.
I loved how it turned out!

Match up the side seams of each piece.
Notice right sides are up with each piece.

Turn your shirt inside out.
With the wrong sides facing,
match up your side seams to that on your shirt.
Pin in place if you like.
pins are evil...evil i tell ya

Serge the layers on to your shirt using your serger.
Go all the way around!
And you are finished.
Yep, that's it.
I finished these 2 in less than an hour.

See how cute the rolled hem is!

I love them both!
The dresses and my girls.
Goofy girls.
Wouldn't take those silly smiles off their faces.

The tunics passed the test!
My girls wore them for TWO DAYS straight.
That is what I call a success.

Now, you have to promise to show me what you make.
I wanna see what shirts and fabric combos you come up with.
I mean, the possibilities are ENDLESS.
Now I think I may have a new fabric fetish.
Knits...oh, boy.

OOOHHHH...and if you haven't seen it,
check out my FREE Patriotic Subway Art printable.
Just in time for the 4th of July, go HERE.

And tomorrow, we will have our monthly Skye Reve + {SIG} giveaway!
I hope you all enjoy your Monday.
Peace out Peeps!

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Erika said...

I am a little confused, how are you attaching the layers to each other so that the rolled hem shows?

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