Monday, October 8, 2012

Fashion Forward Friday ~ Week 2

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I'm really starting to enjoy Fashion Forward Friday.
{read more about FFF HERE}
I had this particular fabric set aside for just this idea.

Isn't it awesome?
Want the fabric for yourself?
It is from Riley Blake's Chevron collection and you can purchase it HERE
as our favorite Skye Reve Fabrics has sold out.

I paired it with awesome navy blue polka dots.
Again, from Riley Blake.
I knew I wanted this to be a little more subtle so that is why I chose
the navy blue rather than the red or orange to accent with.

Here is what one lucky little girl will be wearing.

And let me show you a close up of the pretty bow.
You know we love us some Melbows Place!

Here is the rundown on what I did with the basic peasant dress.
~ Cut the sleeves at the 1/2 way point and added a ruffle.
~ Added ruching right above the sleeve.
~ Added ruffling at the bottom of the dress.
~ Added a "squiggle" ruching on the bottom of the dress.

Andrea and I love being challenged and we often talk
about what our next design is going to be.
Andrea is up next and I think you all are going to LOVE what she makes. other blogging news,
I hope to have a few tutorials up sometime this month.
I just wish I had more time!

Anyone know where I can find 48 hours in a day?
It would be much appreciated!

Happy Monday Peeps!

{SIG}nature Creations

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