Friday, September 7, 2012

Fashion Forward Friday

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First, it sounds really cool, right?
At least Andrea and I thought so, haha!

So what is Fashion Forward Friday?
It is exactly as it sounds.
Andrea and I will be trying to made strides forward in fashion design.

We want to change things up a bit.
We want the challenge to design something fresh and new.

We tested this out on Wednesday and it seemed to work out fabulously.
The outfit came out adorable and we had fun making the outfit.

This is our new shirt and I love the ruffles and ruching!

We transformed the Susi skirt in to something a bit more fun
by adding a market pocket and the ruching across the top.
And yep, it is a functional pocket with plenty of room for Barbie!

This would be one of my girls, Sofia, modeling.
And I gotta be honest...this is a 3T set.
She is a solid 5/6 length but I think I like the shorter skirt!

And who wouldn't smile at that cuteness?
Just sayin'...

The best part of FFF is that the outfit is discounted.
This particular outfit above was sold for only $30.
It retails for $45.
{shirt $20, skirt $25}

That's a pretty good deal!
The way FFF works is that you would go to our Facebook page,
find the status post that is PINNED to the top of the wall,
leave a comment with your email and size information,
and then hang tight until about 9pm CST tonight.

I will go to to pick the winner of the reduced price
Fashion Forward Friday outfit and announce it then.

Pretty simple!
Now, go find that status post and let us design something fun!

Happy Fashion Forward Friday Peeps!

{SIG}nature Creations


Jennie P. said...

I like the pocket and trim in the contrasting color. So cute!

Astrid said...

Thank you Jennie!

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