Friday, October 5, 2012

Project Charlie Single Auction Piece ~ Ruffle Halloween Circle Skirt

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I've decided that Fridays we will put up a piece auction style
to help raise money for Project Charlie.
Anything above retail will go directly to purchase gift cards
for the employees of BARC Animal Shelter.

This week, we are putting up TWO awesome Halloween circle skirts!

The first is the ruffle circle skirt.
It is the first time to combine knit fabric with ruffle fabric.
Andrea and I absolutely ADORE IT!

The second is one I know my Gabi would LOVE.
I think it is the sweetest!

This skirt will fit either as a LONG 3/4, a regular 5/6
or a regular 7/8 thus the reason there is no waist band.
Once the auction is closed, the high bidder will let me know what size.

If you are curious how these circle skirts fit on a child, check out my girls.

And they say they are very comfortable so I expect we will get
lots and lots of wear out of our skirts this year.

Now, go on and bid!
Help a good cause.
Click HERE.

Happy Friday Peeps!
{SIG}nature Creations

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