Monday, October 1, 2012

The First Fashion Forward Friday Creation

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It is finally finished.
Fashion Forward Friday has given me a new spark!
Don't get me wrong, it is a challenge to design something new.
Always easier to go back to something you have always done.

But that was the point of starting FFF.
To challenge both Andrea and I to try new ideas.
Trust me, we talk about enough of them.
It was about time we sewed those ideas out!

The best part is that it is a design surprise to the customer.
And it is sold at a discount since it is out first one.
Win-win situation in my opinion.

Gail was the first to snag the FFF deal.
She had no idea what fabric I had in mind.
But I knew I had to create something fun when I received this fabric.

Ah...Riley Blake, I {heart} you for bringing the rainbow love back.
I {heart} you for the awesome chevron and polka dots.
I {heart} being able to work with it.

I am thankful that Gail put her trust in me.
Allowed my creative juices to flow.
Seriously, was IN LOVE with the ideas to put to fruition.

Alas, the fun one won out.

{my girl is getting to be quite the model...i swear it is all her}

Big, market size pocket on a Susi skirt.
Add some fun, pleated trim for detailing.
use that same trim on the sleeves of a shirt.
Repeat pocket on shirt.
{fully functional pocket at that}

And go ahead with the accessories.
Because THIS is a piece that NEEDS a chunky necklace
from the fabulous Stinkin Cute Dollhouse AND
a super full small korker from Melbows Place.

I am so super happy that we have the opportunity to challenge ourselves.
Even more happy that we have the loyal customers that believe in us.
Wednesday, I get to work on another FFF outfit.

Don't worry, I'll take more photos.
Hopefully it will be a size I can get my kids to model.
If not, I'll still be able to show you the beauty of the creation.

Good night peeps.
{it has been a long 3 days for us...a story to be told tomorrow}

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