Monday, September 10, 2012

Eye Candy by Candace Photography Giveaway

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If you know me, you know I love Candace.
She has been taking our family photos for 2 years now.
Geez...seems like she has been at it forever though.

Candace is so easy to work with and will support any crazy
photography ideas you have as well as providing great
mini sessions for an extremely affordable price.

Candace also provides me with product shots.
She does a fantastic job capturing the moment!

The photo of my triplets may be one of my favorite ever!
Candace and I both love colors, can you tell?

These family photos were from 2 years ago.
I still love them!
And yep, I made the dresses for the girls and the capes as well.

She is even great turning photos in to black and white.

Trust me when I say this.
She always delivers!
Now, what are you going to win?
A mini session with Candace PLUS 15-20 edited images!
But make sure you are in the Houston area to cash in on this prize!
{well, unless you are willing to travel}

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Anonymous said...

Love Candace, she's awesome! She did my daughter's 1st Birthday pictures and they are so beautiful! :)

Staci said...

Candace is absolutely amazing. i remember meeting her a few years ago when she was just getting started.

Melanie Patterson said...

I LOVE CANDACE! I never know which picture to buy because they are all so good!!! Thank you Candace!!

erdaisy08 said...

I love the props and backgrounds that she uses and the way the colors seem to pop right off of the page. I would love for her to photograph my family

madalyn and cole said...

Candace is so talented!!! Love her pics of families!

apholden said...

Between her awesome photog skills and your awesome sweing skills, you guys make a great team!!! LOVE her pics!!!

Jessica Vega said...

Uhhhh I would this so many good comments... Amazing work Candace!!

Jennifer Warren said...

I adore Candace! The most amazing pictures of Juliet were taken by her!!

Aloha from Jason & Tracy said...

She did my daughters photos!LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

I love Candace and the photos she has taken of my girls! I love her props and the outside settings she does.

Tammy Broadway

Natalie said...

i love all the color she uses in her photography (not to mention how great she is with multiples!) :)

Carmen A said...

Love what I have seen and I am looking for a family photographer.

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