Monday, September 10, 2012

Melbows Place Giveaway

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Becky and Melanie are AH-MA-ZING bow makers.
Trust me, I know first hand how good the quality is AND
how affordable they are!

A mom and daughter team, these ladies are the sweetest around!
I was fortunate enough to meet them almost 2 years ago at a craft fair.
We have been partnered up ever since then.

For one lucky person, you will win this beautiful bowquet!

Light pink, hot pink, and black boutique hairbows
and light pink, hot pink, and black large korkers. 
It sits in a light pink bucket adorned with light pink, hot pink,
and black mesh on a stretchable crocheted hairband. 
So how does one win this?
Just do the steps below!

That's all folks!
You will not be disappointed if you get this wonderful prize!
My girls absolutely LOVE their Melbows Place bows!

{SIG}nature Creations


Jessica Vega said...

Write speechless so pretty!! Thank you

Tracy Estes said...

Would LOVE to win!!! TY....subscribed and sent sum <3

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